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  1. Hi, We've been going through the ombudsman process. Not great at the minute - think BG are being quite entrenched in their opinions even to the ombudsman. The initial report reads as if he agrees that my parents didn't intentionally do anything wrong but the full amount still stands and we should sign up with them for a year to monitor usage and BG can reconsider after a year. Obviously that doesn't work for us. We've talked to the ombudsman who is very sympathetic but doesn't feel he has enough ammunition to go against BGs business decisions in calculations. We had
  2. Meter is defo unregistered - no record of it on the system. It has a date on it which pre dates my parents but other than that nothing. They say it's illegal because there's no record of the pipes with the local distribution network. I found an entry on national grid which shows two supplies to the address (one residential and one commercial). Records in this industry is all a bit of a mess in my opinion Still an ongoing saga. Complaint has now been escalated to a Revenue Protection manager. Husbands been dealing with him for me as I'm getting too stressed about
  3. I also wonder why it was not picked up previously. I've got the financial accounts now for the last 6 years and have worked out a calculation based on what you suggested (sales/average meal price to get number of meals) and it is a fraction of what they are asking for. Still significant to parents but I feel a much fairer figure. I had a look at BGs number and although I don't have the detailed calculations I think you are right that they have based it on the entire opening hours as if they were cooking continuously over the last 14 years (the period they want to bill us for).
  4. Thanks everyone - it is a grey area at best. Formal letter states -> Disconnection because of evidence of meter tampering. Gas Act 1986 2B Paragraph 10**. They probably (wrongly) suspected that we had somehow routed the gas from the registered meter illegally and made that gas flow through an illegal meter with nothing registering on the registered meter etc etc. We've not had any evidence from them of the supposed "meter tamper". But this was how they got their warrant. When they came to seize the meter their claim is that they supply the entire address and this was a rouge met
  5. Thanks Unclebulgaria I will look into the calculations. I now think years and years ago there used to be 2 separate addresses which over the years was turned into one with the post office. We now know there are definitely two separate supplies with only one registered with BG and the other one unregistered and unknown until all this started. Now that this has all come to light we acknowledge that something needs to be paid. But I don't agree with revenue protection's stance that all responsibility lies with the consumer and the tactics they are using to put pressure on them to just pay t
  6. They talked about digging up pavements so maybe that is what they're doing. I can't believe they jumped straight to "illegal reconnection" just because he saw someone on site when we were asking for an independent opinion. Parents try to be very careful with energy use and the bills they have been paying goes into the accounts. No ones ever mentioned anything to them. Business is not amazing - just lets them tick by until retirement. They do also have electric at the premises which I've now checked and is all fine (phew) - but paying crazy prices so need to get them o
  7. Thanks honeybee - I will certainly give the ombudsman a call on Monday. They are escalating matters at such a speed it's making it difficult to think. We queried with the Revenue Protection officer how long it would be before they switched the pipes off and dig them up from the street. He said he didn't know and would let us know beforehand but im not sure I believe that. Can anyone shed some light on how long this process would usually take? I guess if he hides behind "Gas safety" he can do almost anything...
  8. Also - the fact they knew we had a gas engineer out to examine the set up also suggests to me that they have been camped outside the premises watching them....how horrible is that? Sorry - OMBs?
  9. Hello All, Apologies for not getting back sooner. I didn't seem to have received the notification that a message has been posted. things have gone from bad to worse and i am dumbfounded by the actions and tactics used by BG. As was suggested citizens advice was not much help and we had to seek independent legal advice. We were told to get an independent report from a gas professional addressing some of the accusations which we have done and should be getting this afternoon. In the meantime we have logged a complaint with British Gas but it seems that Revenue Protection
  10. Hi all, Been speaking to citizens advice special help unit. Although they are sympathetic and helping me to gather information I do feel there's an element of them trying to sell BGas story and point of view to me. when Revenue Protection are involved it is serious. Backbilling code won't apply because it's not BGs mistake with billing???!! They are saying that it is an illegal connection which was disconnected and then turned back on. Therefore all responsibility falls to my parents. She said it would be highly unlikely they will be able to get the supply
  11. Yes - both meters at the same house number. But one is located outside in front of the residential house (the registered meter) and the other (unregistered meter) has been inside the takeaway boxed in near the electric meters. Speaking to Eon last week they did say it was unusual but possible to have 2 meters at one address. Also I heard the words "illegal meter" when the unregistered one was being referred to. Presume that's why they can seize it? Illegal meter sounds scarier than an unregistered meter... Had a phone call from BG man - the demand will be for tens
  12. Well I think the meter tampering thing started when they inspected the meter that everyone knows about and is registered to BG and the local youths must have been fiddling it but I don't think there's actually anything wrong with that meter. It has a low reading because my parents never turn on the heating. I guess the main thing I need to ascertain is whether BG had a right to take a meter that wasn't registered to them (or anyone ) but is at an address that they supply. And if they supply that address could they bill for any meter that is at that address regardless of whether it is regi
  13. Hi Surfer01, The meter is defo not registered to anyone. I was in the process of registering it with Eon (on advice of citizens advice to pick a company to register it) - but only after we realised there was an additional meter when my father flagged up the "strange man who came round and wanted to gain access to the electricity box". It's in very early stages so I doubt the forms have even got anywhere. I think officially it is still unregistered. Unless BG seizing it made it their meter. But I guess BG's argument is that the supply the whole of the address a
  14. Thanks for the responses - its been a stressful weekend. we've been in touch with the British Gas man (the one who came to take the meter away) and explained the situation as we saw it. He's not accusing them of any meter tampering which on the one hand is good news. But it's as you've said ericsbrother, he wants to backbill. He did actually acknowledge that he did not realise the extent of the language barrier, and perhaps he should've thought about asking for an interpreter - I'm not sure how "I don't speak english" could've been interpreted but it needed t
  15. The takeaway has lost supply. Parents have never done anything themselves to divert supply. I think this set up must have always been the case since they moved in. 2 meters. One takeaway, one residential. Both officially classed under the same door number. There's not any paperwork to check - bills have come from British Gas but when I started investigating they have only been billing one meter. The other appears to be unregistered. They haven't cut off the meter that is registered to them. (Which now on investigation appears to be for
  16. Hello all, Thank you for taking the time to read my post and any advice appreciated. My parents own a Chinese takeaway and live in the adjoining house next door. They moved in 17 years ago after the initial contact with British gas to inform them they have moved in (which I think I did for them as a teenager) they have not had much contact since and just paid bills as and when they arrived. Always assumed one meter for the takeaway and the residential house as they both share the same door number. In all truthfulness I think they probably knew that something
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