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  1. my sister in law is being taken to court for council tax arrears. This dates back to 1994, since 1994 there have been no arrears ( just what was owed then) so basically they are back dating it. I read some where I think , that debts over 6 years old are wiped out. Is this true. She is due to go to court this Friday. Please advise
  2. capital one gave me £205 no qustions asked just paid direct into credit card accout
  3. I received a letter from capital one telling me that they would refund all charges. The next day I received a letter from a couple in Shropshire saying that they had also applied to get their charges back and had done so successfully. In the envelope with their letter was also my acceptance form with all my card details on it and my full address. Capital one had put my letter in their envelope. Is this breaking the data protection act.
  4. OK, this is a first for me so please be patient.I have got a pile of statements from Lloyds TSB which they charged me £10 for. I now need to know what to do next. Do I look through all of them and add up all that say CHG (charges)?. This could take a while as I haven't been their best customer (or maybe I have). Having done this , how on earth will I work out the interest. Excuse me but I am not the brightest button in the box. Help appreciated. Collette
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