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  1. Yes he is police man and he took my intereview under caution in police station. He did record all CD's and it was proper. So no doubt about it. Basically, at moment everything against me and he said to me on phone call that if i make payment to him sub contractor willing to take everything back and there will be no proceeding against me. Now, my question is if i make payment to him can i claim on later date for work he did not complete he left electrical cable open or anything. Guys i have to think about my little one as completely dependent on me and as well my wife. Po
  2. I'm stuck with everything even I paid him can I take him to court on later date for unfinished work.. and any other ground as at moment situation is against me. I called police today he says he will hold until Monday if I make him payment
  3. Hi After long time I am updating this. I had interviewed under caution by police and they saying my voice is same under recording. Police saying other his staff member will provide witness statement as well as I mispresent and provide card details. Police officer forcing me to pay him money and it will all go away and he is willing to take his case back. Officer saying case is stronger on his side. Please help me
  4. so what i have to do now as i am really stuck with everything. This guy is crazy and he asking money from me wrongly accused me with everything.. i am sorry but is there any one who can help me give me advise can do face to face talk or something or fight for me
  5. I checked online and it's says " order for stay of settlement added" can some one update me what is this please
  6. police wont listen he thinks i made that phone call as voice was exactly same as i said before its sound like i am talking on phone thats why i am so much worried
  7. I am worried what if police says it match my voice and cps will go ahead and file case against me. I was reading online and there is some of voice software which can transfer voice similar to your and person voice match same. Thats why i am worried as its become serious crime and if i havent done anything means still face legal charges against me.
  8. Thanks for your support I know I should not worry but if you even listen my voice and person voice on phone was same and it’s pronounces was same basically I am worried what if cps will say to go ahead with case and file case against me . As at the moment everything going against me. You can understand my worries and situation I called money claim help line today and they confirmed they did not receive anything from claimant but they give some time to him before they can send him letter for 7 days notice to send direction questonnaire. if nothing happens case will automatic struck
  9. I have called today court to find out if he has submit direction questionaire. Unfortunately, court says they did not receive anything and will send him reminder for 7 days to submit or it will be struck out
  10. I can understand only worried how did he match similar voice i have as its sound like i am on other side and i called him. It was so perfect.
  11. Officer told me he may call me and analyse my voice is that something he can do that. What happen if voice match he may submit for cps then. My worries more like this as when i hear voice i was shocked as well as it was 99% my voice match and sound like i was talking on phone. Even legal advisor she shocked she thinks i made call. Basically, on this stage i made this phone call as voice call match so much. and that makes me more worrried. He did not provide any evidence to police where call come from and time of call. police says i made this call may be use different number to call
  12. True card wasnt mine either. Now i dont know what police will do. Can he use any voice analysis what happen if it comes positive. As i am worried this guy made my life horrible first threaten my family and me now these he is so much perfect in crime.
  13. I dont know card details was playing and it was halifax credit card definitely not registered on my name or nothing to do with me
  14. officer has no information where this phone call came from. He just had recording sent by sub contractor. The person on phone paying from his card exactly sound like me with his tone and wording was similar to mine. During play officer was constantly saying i believe and confident its your self and its your voice. One point even i start believing that may be i made phone call but i did not do anything like that. My legal advisor did not say anything she says she dont know what to do. As its sound like me. i am 100% sure i did not do it. Recording was so m
  15. Yes i have legal advisor but she was bit weired. As i try to explain first in place which she did not listen she says she need to speak with officer in charge then will speak with me. After interview she ask me to sign one document and left. Thant's it
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