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  1. because i'm scared if it goes wrong. I thought the claim had been stayed, i don't understand why it hasn't been.
  2. HI GUYS, update on claim. this is what MCOL says A claim was issued against you on 22/09/2017 Your acknowledgment of service was submitted on 04/10/2017 at 08:37:45 Your acknowledgment of service was received on 04/10/2017 at 12:02:05 Your defence was submitted on 30/10/2017 at 11:31:25 Your defence was received on 30/10/2017 at 14:01:50 DQ sent to you on 03/11/2017 DQ filed by claimant on 03/11/2017 General sanctions order was made on 10/12/2017 You filed a DQ on 20/12/2017 Your claim was transferred to LEEDS on 20/12/2017 a court da
  3. ill post the letter received as that is the one I was referring to sorry. this is the cover letter from court. the rest of the pages are asking if I would like mediation and NO copy of my defence so I am unsure as to what should have been included and what to fill in. sorry if I didn't make that clear. docs1.pdf
  4. Update.... I received this letter and today got a notice of proposed allocation questionnaire. it says my defence is enclosed but I can not see any defence enclosed. court_letter_8 pdf.PDF
  5. everything has now been done in his name and gladstones haven't made a move on it at all. and sorry didn't realise holiday affected it as had someone keeping eye on post for progress.
  6. yes I did, I was within my 28 days it says as filed acknowleddment of service on 4th oct.
  7. thank you so much. hopiong it doesn't go to court as my now ex hubby is not happy lol how do I donate btw as your help has been invaluable.
  8. Hey guys i am back from my holidays and have recieved no reply to my letter I sent to gladstones. where do I go from here to do my defence ? I need to do my defence asap ??
  9. the address of the carpark is in BRIGHOUSE. And the claim form states BRIGHO....... is it relevant ?
  10. I acknowledged the form here are the photos of the car park in question, its also a point that the address on claim form is incorrect too if its important. where should I go from here letter being sent by recored delivery..... sorry for delay my friend lost a child so I have been caught up helping her out. car park 5.pdf car park 3.pdf car park 4.pdf car park 1.pdf
  11. Particulars of the claim. The Driver of vehicle registration **** *** (the 'Vehicle') incurred the parking charge(s) on 09/06/2017 for breaching the terms of parking on the land at Lawson Road Car Park Lawson road Brigho The Defendant was driving the vehicle and/or is the keeper of the Vehicle. AND THE CLAIMENT CLAIMS. £160 for Parking Charges/ Damages and indemnity costs if applicable, together with interest of £1.93 pursuant to s69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at 8% pa, continuning to Judgmentat 30.04 per day. Acknowledgment of Service Start AOS If you need 28 days (r
  12. Hi guys. I sent the letter . heard nothing and now have a court claim notice. its still in my husbands name and now I am bricking it as I cant risk him getting a CCj because of me. what do I do now. PLEASE HELP I'm a mess. its now 236.93 and is in Northampton courts. I live near leeds
  13. Thank you so much, ill get on that asap. Will it affect it if i gave them my name already ? even though they refused to speak to me
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