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  1. Can anyone explain to me what this "application" is. What is it that has to be "accepted". I was given the advice not to read discussion groups after I had read them. Legal advice says I may be summoned, but unlikely due to time limits I couldnt find a template on this site for what I asked for, hence why I asked.
  2. Can you show me the link for the information that makes you think the enforcement agents are not off my back? The solicitor's advice is different to yours. Apparently, it doesn't need to be "accepted," the solicitor says the proceedings are invalid when the defendant makes a statutory declaration leaving it with the court. I did read somewhere about it needing to be "accepted" but I am told its wrong and not to look at discussion groups for legal advice etc,,. Im told theres no hearing until the court issued a summons, but the solicitor said road tax offences may not be summoned afte
  3. I ended up buying a sample stat dec, got it notarised by the solicitor and sent it recorded. There was no "application", the court might come back with a summons and I get the evidence so I can decide whether to plea or defend it. The bailiffs are off my back.
  4. I said yonks ago because it wasn't recent. We have been here since early last year. The CAB has put me onto a solicitor.
  5. Not had a known problem with car tax. Only the bailiff suggested it was car tax. I didn't feel he was the trustworthy type looking down at him outside I decided to make my own inquiries. I moved not long ago and its possible the court may have chased me at an old address and given up. A bailiff got my new address and turned up. I searched the net and it says I can make a stat dec within 21 days from learning of the proceedings. I know someone said its 21 days from the hearing, but I knew that was wrong. That's why I didn't at first yield to all the questioning. I
  6. That was today. There is no other correspondence from Marston. I would have dealt with it if I knew sooner. Answering questions. I learned of the fine this morning when a bailiff put a note through the door. I have not been chased previously. I havent lived here long. Answer, I was told its 21 days from learning of the proceedings. Today is day 1. Is that advice wrong? and what is the correct advice?
  7. I only learned about the fine this morning. I have 20 more days to go until time runs out. All I want is a sample stat dec.
  8. I know theres lots of questions but I didnt come here to be interrogated. I just need a sample stat dec to send to the court. Nobody advised to use registered post and nobody has asked me to make a personal attendance. I have been warned against that because the court apparently tries to slip a new hearing when I know nothing about the case apart from an alleged car tax offence. I will not plead guilty to an offence I have not been charged or summoned. I will find out what citizen advice says.
  9. No, there is nothing on the paperwork and I don't even know what car, I Googled and it says to make a stat dec and am looking for a template. You say I have to "make a request" to make a statutory declaration. Can you explain more about making this "request"? Nobody else has ever mentioned this. I get the 21 days bit, but I thought its 21 days from learning about the fine, and not "21 days of the case being heard" s someone said. Can you clarify which advice is true and provide a link to the source of the advice.
  10. I didn't know about the fine. marston said over the phone its car tax DVLA after the bailiff put a notice though the door. I am confused about this "application", Can anyone tell me what I am applying for and what form I must complete.
  11. It's a car tax fine. I didn't know magistrates court issue judgments and take out of time applications. Can you clarify what you mean by judgment, and out of time application? Reading about it I learned I need to make a stat dec and looking for a link for an example template.
  12. Hi, what application can be thrown out? I havent been chased by a court, not at my current address, been here 18 months
  13. I have been chased by marston this morning, didnt open the door but they put a final notice and its a car tax fine from yonks ago, been reading about statutory declarations and a template, does anyone know where I can get it from?
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