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  1. had it not been for the help and advice from you guys i really wouldnt have known where to turn i am truly grateful it takes alot of letter writing and paitence but i have got there just the loose ends to tie up seeing as recoveries just ignoring what they have done and my mp has offered to still assist me where the recoveries are concerned but i fully intend to pursue them like they did me xx
  2. thanks i will let you know what recoveries have to say as they not forth coming with any justifable answers accept they acted on HMRC instructions so i see how far i can persue the matter x
  3. it transpires that i did not owe any over payment with tax credits or universal credits =2099.00 after involving my mp who has been fantasic in all of this i actually owe 00.00 the DWP owe me £76.00 that they took from my wages with as my MP put it an illegal DEA waiting on that comimg back they owe me a job as far as i concerned because thats what they cost me in the long run . if the recoveries team think i will let it lie they will have to think again because i want answers from them . i would like to thank everyone on here for all your help and contacts you gave me you also have been fantastic should i need any help again i know where i will be looking xxxxx
  4. DWP have phoned me this morning couldnt answer as i was driving . in my letters i wrote that all communication from now on had to be in writing should i ring back or will that make it look like i am acknowledging them bit confused now as what to do as they didnt say what dept they were from
  5. found a snippet of information off a web page not sure it will help but i going to give it a whirl in another letter , its from the dwp training manual for the use of a DEA it states (bit long winded ).. it is important that having established contact with the debtor a relationship is maintained with them (well i got 3 letters and a DEA ) it is a key intention of the pilot of the advisor to negotiate & agree a sustainable mutual acceptance voluntary installment plan with the debtor (that were never done ) the DEA or threat to use a DEA should be introduced where repayment can not be agreed or where a debtor refuses to pay (i never refused i only asked what when & where these overpayments came from sent them what the asked for ) wish id seen this as it shows they are in breech
  6. i spoke with my mp today he was bewildered by it all especially the speed they acted upon he agrees that they have not followed their own policies and procedures nor given me the right to see the alleged debts ect he was more than happy to fight my corner with me . all i can do now is wait for him to get on to them and wait for his reply which should be in the next 2 wks ,
  7. I will do I've some more letters to send tomorrow registered post I received a letter today to say my SAR will be here on the 17 October so at least I haven't a long wait for that
  8. thanks i have made a apointment with my mp going to see him thursday ive followed the 2nd step still not heard a dikie bird off them and i sent all letters registered post so the cant say they not had them i cant work as self employed as i no base to start from so to speak , i have registered with a agency so will hopefully get enough hrs to cover what ive lost . and hopefully my mp can kick some backsides . but i really appreciate all the help and advise thank you
  9. hi quick update on my dilemma i sent the disupte letters off as advised , the article said that whilst i was disputing these over payments that the DEA/AOE would not be enforced. i looked at my payslip today and the recoveries have taken money for the DEA/AOE is this legal . i havent heard from hmrc/universal credits since i sent the dispute letters which were recorded delivery so i none the wiser . they may have taken out of my final wage but they wont be able to take anymore as i no job now .
  10. i have sent 2 letters this morning to universal credits & tax credits as advised by the site you recommended and a sar already been sent in so i can only sit and wait now for a reply but i will keep everyone informed of what is said and what they intend to do and once again thank you so much for all the help and advice lets hope they sort it out as quickly as they came after me .
  11. thank-you again i wouldnt be able to make a claim as i out of a job at the end of the month unless i can find a new one quickly and one that doesnt have the disciplinary policies For DEA/AOE i have been reading what you sent before and started the dispute process as they advise, what worries me is if i get a new position and they come after me again and i lose another job . they have effectively made me a nervous wreck , but thank-you very much for your help
  12. thank you so much i shall definatly take a look and read the sections you have mentioned
  13. thank you dz100uk i have done this on friday the only consolation i have is dwp have shot themselves in the foot with this DEA because they cant collect out of my wages now with my work not renewing my contract but i going to try and persue this regardless of how long it takes .
  14. i not been shown anything never heard off dwp till the letter arrived saying id been over paid i havent had tax credits since 2010 and as for universal credits i had it for 3 months back in 2015
  15. I not sure where to begin with this . On the 1/8/17 i recieved a letter off dwp debt management stating i had over payments of 2099.89 when i questioned dwp what these over payments were they said" they were unsure but thought t was tax credits and universal credits and they just wanted a repayment agreement " I explained i only work p/t and i was on my own with debts my ex partner abandoned me with and that i had a dmp with stepchange. they asked of proof of this along with a expediture sheet .which i sent them registered post. i then recieved a letter on the 23/08/17 they were instructing my employer with a DEA . In my job policy and procdures it states that aoe or any deductions will result in disiplinary action i explained this to them but they choose to ignore me did not offer a alternative arrangement nor have i recieved any information on this alleged over payment . i sent a letter of complaint and asked for a sar to which i have had no replies. inbetween all this i had applied for another postion at my place of work (local hospice) and was interviewed for it yesterday and at 17.05 i recieved a call to say i was not accepted for the position and my contract for my job i do at the minute will not be renewed due to dwps dea so now at the end of september i will be unemployed . is there anything i can do to make dwp accountable for me losing my job. the reason given was i was a finacial risk working with vulnerable people.
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