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  1. Thank you DX, I shall. I'm expecting it.
  2. Thank you very much people! I feel much better this afternoon than I've felt for the past nearly 2 years. It's been awful, but I imagine everyone on here has been there at some point. I've been scooting around on here most of the day reading, (superb knowledge base), I suppose I may as well have Fair credit rating by not paying as Fair credit while I'm paying really. Just means no credit for the period. Good job I'm not planning on going anywhere 'flash'! Obliged, and I will update as and when. All the best, Jason.
  3. 2004 chaps according to the info on the PRA letters. Thanks for the advice re; mortgage too.I just wanted it to go away, didn't want my children worrying about people knocking on the door, or be in a position where I have to sell our home to pay this.
  4. Thank you London1971. Appreciated. Hi Andy, the scenario was I never used my cards with the exception of the one issued by my bank. I hate debt. I had a few cards 'just in case' but never carried them in my wallet as had no daily need to use them. Card was indeed in my name. I think she simply intercepted mail I wouldn't have expected anyway due to not using the cards. I certainly don't recall ever using any card other than my (at the time Lloyds, now TSB) bank linked card. After she left I found debt letters in her name in the loft from years ago. I
  5. Hi all, new to the sight, and indeed, to debt. Had a look around here this morning, and I'm quite frankly overwhelmed by all that is concerned with debt and debt resolution, so please, bear with my ignorance! I'll try to keep this as concise as possible also. Full time employed home owner/mortgage, one active credit card with my bank which I over pay on religiously (£2k balance) so no issues there. No HP/credit, and no defaulted utilities. Wife left Dec 2015 (not divorced yet), I remain in the house and the mortgage is in my name. I'm also a lone parent to 2 boys, 6yrs
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