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  1. Apologies for the radio silence, life has been busy. The claim has now been marked as fully paid - only took a week to get updated by the CCBC. I'm now checking the CCJ process/company guidelines as to how the claim was dealt. I won;t update the issue here though as it is not related. Thanks for you help and inputs, it is much appreciated. Book marked the forum too for future reference.
  2. I'll do that as soon as it clears, thanks. If a CCJ claim is submitted & details (by the claimant) on there are fabricated, is this classed a legal document where evidence has to be submitted? EG if i question the 'facts' stated is it enforced for evidence to be produced to back up the claim?
  3. As i have paid in full in the 1st month, do i also need to ask the court to cancel the CCJ being entered on the register? Or will this automatically not be entered/cancelled?
  4. In the paperwork i have from Priestly Crowe it contains their claim pack: 1st query: On the request for judgement & reply section, it says you must confirm the particulars of claim have been served in accordance with the rules. Section A: They have ticked 'the defendant has not filed an admission or defence to my claim' : How could i when i did not have paperwork to do so? Claim form: Particulars of claim: They 'claim' they tried to make contact. As i mentioned in my 1st post they made only 2 phone calls in 6 months, on each i requested paperwork to be sent out. - does there have to be proof submitted for this claim of no contact? They are also charging me interest on the dates where i was also paying. Are they allowed to do this despite them receiving payments?
  5. The DMP was a company called Gemstone, who were formerly taken over (i can't remember the name of them) I've got my paperwork through today from Priestly Crowe so i will be going through that. Not had a chance to call CCBC today for aa copy of the claim pack, will try tomorrow.
  6. I'll get this processed if i don;t get all the information i need from them. I'll be going through it with a fine tooth comb. I've got some paperwork, but not sure if i have all.
  7. Can't do a set aside just because i didn't receive the claim pack! There needs to be other grounds too apparently. I'm not denying a debt may exist, more so the amount & of the claim and how this has been added up. I'm not going for the set aside, this will be a direct question to Priestly Crowe once i have the paperwork. Might issue a CCJ in return for any money they owe me . . . .
  8. Nope! Both the claim form & CCJ were sent to my old address, the CCJ got forwarded as per the mail forwarding instruction. Not sent by signed or recorded - normal post, which is why they could not track it and tell me what happened to it. They can re-direct all mail, unless it has instructions on the envelope to not re-direct. The CCBC do not have such instructions on their envelopes
  9. As above, they don't add mail instructions to the mail - i checked this and i also received the CCJ at my new address.
  10. As above i have moved, but have missed no mail (forwarding is on with RM). It is also updated on the Electoral role too so they couldn't have missed it if they couldn't find me-the CCJ letter got to me fine! Thanks for your help DX
  11. No, it will hopefully be cancelled if it is registered within the month. Ideally these are the only 3 things i would like to 'solve' 1- I am getting the paperwork from Priestly Crowe to check the total amount is actually correct & due. If the amount due is not correct, can i claim this back? 2- Are Priestly Crowe obliged to allow me to offer to pay to seeking a CCJ? Is it in breech of FCA rules/standards 3- Where do i stand in not receiving the claim form? Any action i can take to the court &/or Royal Mail. In my opinion is due to lack of service/negligence i have not received this paperwork so why don't you ring Northants bulk tomorrow - called them this morning. A copy pack cannot be sent is what i was advised as a CCJ has already been issued. ask for a copy of the Claimform to be sent email pdf - could not be done, or so i was told then you can fill that link in and we'll know. but I gather I guessed right its for unpaid fees for them reclaiming PPI you never saw? correct.
  12. Nope, the claimform never arrived! They said it was sent on the 12th August but it never arrived to me. The first i knew of this was the 'Judgement for claimant in default form' i got on Saturday just gone.
  13. Hi DX I was trying to give some back story to the situation. CCJ from a PPI company.
  14. Hi All, New to this forum, i have an issue with which i need help. I've tried to convey the situation as best as possible below, please let me know if more detail is required. I was in a debt management plan some years ago which had some unpaid loans. The Debt management company referred their inhouse partner (Priestly crowe) to check for PPI. Being a bit young & dumb i agreed to this and the charges. As the loans were still outstanding, the PPI which was 'claimed' was taken from the debt instead of being paid in a cash sum. I instead owe the money to Priestly Crowe. They were paid on a monthly basis the fee which i owed. Last year (October 2016) my debt management company ceased trading, i dealt with all debtors myself. I sold some belongings to have enough cash to pay everyone what was owed. However i could not get hold of Priestly Crowe. Their contact details had changed and i did not have the new correct ones. Fast forward to about February this year and i received a call from them. I asked them to send our paperwork for money owed so we could get a payment plan sorted. No post or no news. The same happened in April. On Saturday i received post from the CCBC Northampton about a CCJ that had been instructed by Priestly Crowe. I have subsequently settled the payment as i did not want any financial implications to affect my current credit score & status. Seeing how long the CCBC take to do anything, i knew i was on a short time scale to get this processed. I have questions about the process & where i stand: 1) I was told the claim pack had been sent from the court, but i have not received it. They cannot provide me with proof - only that their system shows it was sent on the 12th August. - Do i have any leg to stand to make a claim from Royal Mail? I have lost 3 weeks of time to defend my case & check the facts were all correct - debt & amount owed. Plus to now defer the case would have cost a further £255 for which i would not have been able to claim back, if i was defended correctly. 2) Priestly Crowe LLP - Regulated by the FCA. Should they/did they need to contact me prior to taking this action? Are they obliged to show the court any proof they have attempted to contact me/show i've refused payment prior to getting a CCJ? Or is simply their 'word' enough to get this processed? 3) I have asked for my history/paperwork from Priestly Crowe to check the contract, payments & the amount owed is correct. If it isn't, am i able to process a counter claim for this amount? Small claim court, CCJ . . . etc I hope i have covered all bases here and given enough information. If not, please ask away and i will reply where i can. Thanks in advance, J
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