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  1. Hi Just to let you know the hmrc approved my appeal and wiped the debt. Thanks again for everyone’s help.
  2. Thank you to everyone who responded and helped, i apologise if my attitude has been off, just very stressed out. I appreciate everyone's help and will update the thread once i have my response.
  3. I do indeed it's signed at the bottom, i will update my letter
  4. I wasn't trying to offend you there, but i have always been taught to use "To whom is concerns" if i don't know the name Both could be right or wrong i suppose. Thanks for your suggestion though, it is appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, but i wouldn't ever start a letter with "Dear Sirs", that sounds like a foreigner wrote it. The "Yours Sincerely" part would be a good suggestion though, I am so used to writing emails with Kind Regards i forget i am actually writing a letter here. Thanks!!
  6. Their advice was to write my appeal. HMRC are not helpful, i am trying to find out what years i was employed on PAYE, because i obviously registered as self employed at some point around that time, i don't remember why, it could be that i was intending on being self employed but then got a full time job instead.... so me not really knowing anything about how it works just assumed the HMRC would see that i am working for a company and i'm not self employed. they don't keep records that far back to give me on the phone, now i have to write yet another letter. How does this sound? To whom it concerns, I am responding to your letter dated 17th August 2017 regarding the alleged debt with HMRC. Please refer to your reference number above. I would like to inform you that this situation is currently in dispute with the HMRC, subsequently I will be paying nothing to your company (CCSCollect) while the situation is in dispute with the HMRC. Furthermore, once the dispute with HMRC is resolved, and If I do in fact owe the HMRC money, I will be paying directly to the HMRC. I have no need or requirement to discuss this with your company (CCSCollect) any further and will not be responding to any further correspondence. Kindest Regards
  7. since i am working i can't read it properly, i'm really not understanding what it's tailing about and how that impacts my situation lol. Here are some details from my accountant Current amount due is £5,151.12, broken down as follows: Tax Penalties Interest Total Tax year 2009 £512.00 £200.00 £157.18 £869.18 Tax year 2011 £0.00 £1,600.00 £231.31 £1831.31 Tax year 2012 £0.00 £1,600.00 £182.50 £1782.50 Tax year 2013 £0.00 £610.00 £56.13 £666.13 Tax year 2015 £2.00 £0.00 £0.00 £2.00
  8. I will have a look at the links what you sent this evening, because i don't know what you mean by "determination" in this case, or special relief. Yeh "sufficient reason" - in other words, unless you're pretty much dead, no mental illness or anything counts, even though mental stress is a massive problem.
  9. What is a special relief? I know, i am becoming annoying Why would they relieve me from paying tax? Surely they are more likely to waver the penalties than the tax?
  10. These debt companies like to keep pushing though don't they.
  11. No no, i wasn't referring to you, someone was being pedantic regarding the wording i used since i am not actually speaking in legal terms, i am speaking in normal english. i assume i am actually now just going to have to suck it up, I made a huge error years ago, i personally see it that my life was in tatters and my only concern then was sorting my life out for mine and my kids sake, but legally i have no leg to stand on. Si am going to write to HMRC today and still explain the situation as an appeal, I imagine they will decline it, so after that i will proceed to make instalment arrangements with them that i can afford. After all, they can't take something i don't have and are not legally allowed to leave me in hardship, i imagine especially since i have kids. I will ignore CCS completely - even though i was advised to write to them by HMRC and tell them it's in dispute, but then others on here say ignore them, which I believe is better as to not give them ammunition or to prove who i am. And more advice on doing this would be welcomed, and i really appreciate you trying to help me. In a previous letter from hmrc they said that CCS are dealing with it now, but other people are saying to deal with HMRC and not CCS, i'm not sure what to do in this situation, do you think i should wait until CCS pass it back to HMRC?
  12. I will ignore CCS on advice, but what if the HMRC refuse to make any arrangement because it's been passed to them? I fully understand that i don't have to deal with CCS at all as I have no obligation to them. I am starting to think that appealing this is just pointless, they won't care about my personal circumstances, just like number of people on here don't see it from my personal point of view; at the end of the day life circumstances and mental situations do in fact cause people to avoid and forget things. So i am looking for a suggestion, should i write to HMRC and just make an offer of monthly payments that I can afford to stick to? To others: I didn't come here to argue or be ridiculed, I came here for some help and to vent my frustrations, but a simple google search will show you quite a few bits of information on large corporations avoiding tax, whether it be legal or not it's not right that the little guy is always **** on. I really don't see what the relevance is on the word i used, evade and avoid mean pretty much the same thing in english so you know what i am talking about, i don't speak in legal jargon, you're just being pedantic.
  13. I get your point, you're right, the size of the charges still feel extortionate, especially when large companies get away with tax evasion all the time.
  14. I don't think legally they are being extortionate, i am actually referring to how i feel about the amount of money it is, it feels like extortion to me as it's not something i have done to be malicious.
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