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  1. Thank you UB, There where very polite about telling me they couldn't help but I understand their reasons and I agree with you have said. I will get the ball rolling on the Subject Access Request and also start to google some Specialist solicitors. KR R
  2. Sorry actually that's not strictly true one of them said that they would get back to me but that was on Wednesday and not heard anything since. KR R
  3. Good Morning All, I am not having much luck at all, I have called 3 accountants now and each two of them have said that they cannot help as they believe it has gone to far down the line and I should of contacted them from the beginning and one of them even said that I should except the fact that I am going to be made bankrupt and deal with it, the other one said that I should be speaking to a solicitor not a tax advisor because of the impending SD. Its knocked me back to be honest I know its sounds silly but just plucking up the courage to call them was hard and then to get this response was not what I needed. Can you make any recommendations or are you not aloud to ? I understand if this is the case. KR R
  4. Thank you Slick I will start looking around with a view to meeting them Thursday/Friday, I will keep you posted. KR R
  5. Good Morning Slick and thank you for your reply, 1.Who said a SD is due any time. Was this by phone or in writing. ( I had a letter from the Debt Final Resoultion Dept who in bold letters say impending Bankruptcy, I have been dealing with a someone there who has been very nice but the fact I have been unable to pay a DD for 4k this month most certainly means that they will press the button) 2. Were you paid under PAYE from the employer, or treated as self-employed.(PAYE) 3. Have you received detailed calcs of how the alleged arrears arose from the Compliance officer, including tax, interest and penalties.(Yes this was presented to me by the compliance officer) 4. How did you claim tax relief on the entertaining and motoring costs - ie under what heading did you claim relief for each on your SA tax returns. (under Other expenses) And yes I that have made me feel really ashamed which is why I have been embarrassed about going to see and account I know that what I am saying is stupid but I have bottled this up and tried not to burden this on anyone else, I have 5 children and my wife has been through a lot this year losing her Dad and also best friend and I have tried to be strong but all this going on in the background has changed my character as a person and I just felt the aggressive nature in the way that HMRC has dealt with this has compounded the way I have been feeling as though I am a criminal. KR R
  6. Sorry for my ignorance HB is CA short for Citizens Advice ?
  7. Thank you UB, When I get the SD on what grounds should I try and get it set aside should it be because I have taken advice and I believe that I have been unfairly treated by the HMRC in terms of communication from different departments and I am waiting for more information from the HMRC re Subject Access Request. KR R
  8. HI DX, I don't keep wanting to go elsewhere I was just asking above if any one new forum that specialises in this sort of problem, the advice I have received has been great and I very grateful. KR R
  9. Thanks for all your help so far I have emailed my MP and I will get my subject access request done. I am going to be getting the stat demand through any day was kind of hoping I would get some advise as to who I should go and see, who can I turn to for help as at the moment everything just seems to be spiralling out of control are there any other forums any one would recommend. Kind Regards R
  10. Thank you UB67 Please could you tell me what information I should be asking from them is it all personal information relating to my case ? Also with regards to contacting my MP how do you think I should draft an email am I asking her to intervene to give me more time any advise would be welcome. KR R
  11. Thank you for your advise I will take this on board, I would however be interested if any other members think the way that HMRC have handled the case is unprofessional or is it just the way they are and that's that. I will be contacting my MP today. KR R
  12. Hi UB67 The problem that I have with my ex employee the guys that where supposed to sign off expenses are no longer there so its my word against theirs and I have no proof on email. With regard to contacting my local MP no I haven't I did myself formally complain to HMRC but when I got a phone call back from them they just said exactly the same thing as the debt management team had said i.e my compliance officer had no right saying what he said and that was that. KR R
  13. Morning HB, No I didn't / haven't and I know that I should of done but I thought that I would be judged and I felt ashamed and embarrassed as that's how HMRC made me feel, I know its stupid but I am very good at putting my head in sand. KR
  14. This post is long over due I need some help and advise as I just don't know if I can take this stress on my shoulders any more despite having a loving caring family and the shame that this will bring on our family. April last year I received a letter from HMRC compliance asking me to contact them re Self assessment return for 14-15 as they wanted confirmation expenses claimed, at the time I had been employed as a sales manager and had to take clients out a lot and they often refused to sign off expenses so I just put them through on my tax return as I thought that I could do this and had been doing it for a number of years including road mileage etc. Around the same time I had just been made redundant but managed to get a job for an oversees company but could only pay me as a contractor as no accounts in the UK, this was always going to be a temporary arrangement or so I thought. Meanwhile I had been in contact with my compliance officer at HMRC and sent him everything that he had asked for and he was a actually a really nice man and reassured me that this wasn't a criminal investigation merely putting all the facts together. A while passed and whilst occasionally in communication he asked me to meet him at the HMRC office in London this was now October so I did and I was taken to a room where him and a colleague who was there to make notes greeted me. He told me that I shouldn't of been claiming expenses on HMRC as the company that I had worked for had an agreement with HMRC for employees claiming expenses (there is a word for this but I cant remember) which is fine but they clearly understand the characters that I had worked for and the problems we had getting these signed off. the compliance officer at the end dropped the bombshell that I owed 70k as they had gone back 10 years and they where going to add penalty charges and interest but they wouldn't know what that was yet, I was obviously gob smacked and I said that I didn't want to go bankrupt as this would effect my job and any future job prospects because of the nature of my sales role. They both categorically told me that I wouldn't be made bankrupt and I would be able to pay them off as long as it took and I would still be able to have nice holidays and they even said they couldn't get blood out of a stone. So whilst I came away from the meeting very anxious it was reassuring to think that I could pay this off maybe over 10 years or so. I soon got confirmation that in total with everything added I owed around 120k which is unbelievable considering the debt was 70k and during these years I had been paying a lot of tax and (I have never not paid tax since I was 16). I soon got letters from the HMRC debt management and was asked to contact them which I did and I was immediately taken back as to how aggressive they where and when I explained my conversations with my compliance officer they just laughed and said that they have got no authority to be giving me information like that and It is completely wrong and they said that ultimately If I couldn't pay I would be made bankrupt. I immediately contacted my officer and I have this on email and told him what had happened and he came back on email and said that he would contact them which he did and came back and said that he had spoken to them and it should be fine now. I contacted them again and they told me exactly the same thing that he shouldn't be getting involved we are the debt management team and that was that. Shortly after I had a visit from a field office and had the same conversations and she said the same things like we are not a bank and why should we let you pay over a period of years we want our money now. eventually I got a letter from the Debt final resolution team and whilst the lady has been very nice she gave me until the end of next year to pay the debt which means me finding 4k a month and a lump sum of 70k and whilst I have been trying to find someone to lend me the money its just not going to happened and I have paid the 4k for 2 months and its just left me and my family not paying for other debts and we have got behind with everything like car payments, Loans etc and I am not at my wits end as there is no light at the end of the tunnel I cant even afford to buy my boys school clothes to go back to school. The thing is I have never disputed the money I owe them I would honestly pay back every penny the thought of going bankrupt fills me with dread and how this would effect our family and stigma attached to it and will it be in papers who will find out I just have no where to turn and my employer will probably sack me once I tell them its just a really awful situation and I need help.
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