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  1. Thanks have contacted both parties, courts were very helpful have requested copies of emails and will investigate. Thanks for your reply. Thanks Manxman. any other advice concerning a defence against council tax on a derelict property would be welcome.
  2. Please can you tell me if there is anything that can be done. I was going to defend this order as the property in question is derelict and uninhabitable. I called the court a week before the court date to ensure that it was ok to attend as this was during the Welsh lockdown, I was advised that they would except my testimony via Skype or email. I completed my defence against the liability order and on the day I rang the court to advise I was about to send it. An email was received back advising it was received and it was forwarded to the legal adviser in court.
  3. Sorry Guys, what does that mean?
  4. FfHey dx, there is no copy of the mortgage contract and the covering letter with the Sar says: "the majority of contracts we hold between the Bank and our customers are not held in relevant filing systems and are therefore not subject to the right of subject access under the Data Protection Act. However where a copy of a contract is held in a relevant filing system or is held digitally in an automated system it will be found by our searches and will, of course be provided." but there are sheets headed MTG02 MORTGAGE ACCOUNT DETAILS which has a section showing CCA Regulated
  5. so should I be looking if the mortgage was covered by the CCA and if so what then.
  6. I've looked through the Sar and cannot find any indication of why action was not taken it was with there collections and legal team for a couple of years at least!
  7. Hey DX, I got a SAR from them March 2015, not sure what to look for.
  8. This goes way over my head, I have had a long painful complaint with Lloyds and do not want to bore you to death so will bullet point the occurences: Mortgage taken out as first time buyers 1996 conveyancing solicitor did not perform completion and contracts signed over a receptionist desk no solicitor present. transpires we purchased a property that did not reflect what was explained on the estate agents property description. Lloyds wrote to me in 2003 and advised that the property was not registered with the Land Registry, they advised they would sort out and appointed
  9. Hey Guys, just a look in as these 33 days take forever, thought it was up today so called the court was told no response so far but they have a little time yet. told him the 33 days were up today. He seemed to believe there was more time yet and suggested should know by the weekend did I get the YTS guy or what !
  10. Thanks again Andy I know its only the beginning but you guys allow people such peace of mind. will maintain thread to inform all of outcomes.
  11. Thanks Andy!!! that's fantastic . the issue date on the claim form was 15/9, so it gives me until the 18/10 I will use the mcol around the 16/10. thanks for your time it is greatly appreciated. will post outcome as and when. Thank you
  12. Hi Guys, feel the above is suitable as their POC is vague and untrue. I'm sure it needs work though.
  13. Thanks Andy, so the situation is the acct. no. refers to a current acct. that was within the od facility it was charges that took it outside of the od limit. I do not recall any default notice on this acct. and the balance was under £900 and certainly not the 12k they say. In my pleadings I am trying to put the claimant/solicitor to task to simply prove this contract/agreement exists as it clearly does not. so I am considering the following: 1.The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the defendant(s) under a contract between the defendant(s) and HSBC
  14. Thanks for your response and time Andy, I have searched the threads and have found what I feel to be use full, but without sounding paranoid should I post or pm some ideas.
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