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  1. Hi, still awaiting a response after calling the sheriff clerk on the 25th September. Should I contact them again or leave it be until I hear back?
  2. Thank, just called them and they confirmed they also haven't heard anything so they'll notify the sheriff that I've called to enquire and confirm that I've not received the docs as per his order. Then the sheriff will make a decision on what to do.
  3. D5: I want the court to order the respondent to pay me the sum of £1559.64. That's all. My credit file says Capquest default date :07/11/2012 and default amount £996 but doesn't have very on my file (is that because capquest bought it?), very said my last payment was in July 2012. Ive never paid capquest a penny. The Simple Procedure form says in d4 "on or around 07/11/2012 the respondent failed to make payment of a sum which had fallen due and the said amount thereby entered into default. A default notice was issued to the respondent on 07/11/2012.
  4. Hi, I've just gotten home to a letter from the sheriff court advising: Date of order : 8 September 2017 The Sheriff orders the claimant to produce and intimate to the respondent within 14 days of this order; 1. Details of all steps taken to enforce the claim from November 2012 to date. 2. A copy of the default notice referred to. 3. A breakdown of the sum sued for as required and compiled with in part D5 of the claim form.
  5. I put it in last night, the clerk opened it with another clerk, had a read when I mentioned it was sb"d asked what next he said that it goes 'to the sheriff who decides if it requires a hearing or not, then you'll hear in due Course'. I've just checked royal mail track and trace and Capquest accepted and signed for their copy this morning.
  6. I've sent the capquest docs by recorded delivery and I'm going to drop the court copy off today, what should I say to the clerk when I hand it over?
  7. They must waste quite a bit of money in court fees and whatnot if they do this alot and people fight back and win?
  8. Really? I didn't know that - wow. Ill get that photocopied and send capquest copy tomorrow and drop another into the sheriffs office and keep one for me. Massive thanks for your help. I was a bit worried before I joined this forum because I didn't have a clue what to do.
  9. Grand. I've filled out the response form with your advice. Do I need to add anything in about proofs etc or just leave all that blank? Thank you
  10. Thanks so much. I'll fill out the response form tonight/tomorrow. In your experience, will the court look at it and accept it as statute barred and no further action or will this require a court date and that I'd need to seek representation? Sorry for all the questions Just saw your other response, that's really handy thank you very much.
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