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  1. Hi, Just a couple of questions regarding capability hearings, as currently employer has implemented a stage 1 meeting. 1, They have to give two working days notice, when does it start? For example, I receive a letter on Saturday which was dated on the Friday for a meeting on Tuesday, is that right, if 2 working days surely the meeting would be Wednesday at the earliest or is it not full working days? 2, If signed off during week where meeting is can employer demand you attend the meeting? Thanks.
  2. Multiple applications outside of my current place of work; issue always seems to be the same - too experienced for entry level roles and never had the title of manager even though I've done the role on multiple occasions. The new medical report was supposed to support with not doing customer feedbacks. The medical request form was sign back in May and they've just sent it off in September. I had asked for them to get the reports in June and August but HR never responded to the request, it seems strange to request the reports now after being medically signed off. Robust? I like to think I am, this absence is the accumulation of multiple issues; begin denied an opportunity, being told I was now a problem as well as a few other things caused a complete snap. Everyone has a tipping point. Guess I'm looking for some help with what to say in a grievance with this. I've been denied an opportunity that would have helped with my mental health, was something I can do as have done the role in the past. I've been denied it either because the manager discriminated against me or was incompetent or a mixture of both. Everyone deserves a fair chance - I haven't.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Makes for interesting reading. Sangie, I was interested in what you were saying about proof of disability, especially lack of medication or PIP. Medication wise I used to have in the past but suffered adversely to the effects I stopped and found alternative legal methods to cope - it is these that have failed resulting in the most recent bout of illness. The psychologist is happy to support a CBT approach without medication - for now. PIP wise, as someone that worked for the CAB I know that could possibly get enough points to be awarded at least the standard living costs, but as you rightly point out it isn't a good measure. On a side note I do have another issue which will probably be best placed here as background helps. Couple of months ago I applied for two roles in current place of employment; actually one being manager for my current team. Applied on the last day due to being on holiday and not really thinking of applying as thought it was a 'fixed game' for either of them. Got interviewed and failed for first role. For the manager role, even though application was received in time the hiring manager ignored it. Whilst we did have a system issue that was resolved in plenty of time the hiring manager managed to get the other applications via alternative means. They got them on the first day of the job role being advertised and people applying. They never went back in to check for other applications even though the role was advertised for a week - work have admitted this much. Work announced the successful applicants, never acknowledging mine. Raised it with HR who contacted the hiring manager, who wonderfully commented how I have now caused them a problem - of all the people you could say such a comment to, I am not that one, and, yes they knew of my mental health issues. This comment and caused a severe depressive episode resulting in being signed off for 3 weeks. Which as caused a loss of pay. The hiring manager was supposed to bench mark my CV to see if should have been interviewed, Upon return to work the hiring manager has left and not comment upon this in their handover. Work have told me to get over it. They have also obtained a second medical report which was supposed to be done 4 months ago. What are my options in this regard? I have done a SAR request and this manager has on multiple occasions requested to file disciplinary proceedings for my illness related absence; but it is worth noting that these requests came after I raised issue with being marked down for the customer surveys and was thinking of raising a grievance. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you for the replies. I'll do my best to respond to queries raised. Performance wise in my team I ended 2016 the highest salesperson. I deal with training of new starters and do the FCA checks and statistically analysis, the latter two I enjoy as it keeps me busy. The job itself isn't stressful, from a sales perspective it's easy. Only issue is the customer surveys, which ironically our team are under investigation for as the score is too high. In other jobs customer feedback was anonymous, so never had to request it directly, even won awards for customer service and travelled the country training teams on delivery of superior customer service. To me doing the best job possible is the only option, I cannot fathom why people only do a good job to get a good feedback survey. It honestly doesn't compute. Yes, the environment might not be the best, it's an air-conditioned call centre where we're not allowed to open windows and my desk fans just circulate the already warm dank air. Many people complain about it and out of the other 3 floors my floor is always the hottest. Currently looking for new roles now, not having much luck as for some places I have too many skills for non-management roles and can't get a management role as never officially had that title even though done the job. Had multiple blood tests, all negative and currently not on medication as the last time it made matters worse, it took a long time to stop self-medicating, I dread to think of being on 'legal' medicines. For me, the problem with a mental health disability, is you see the faults, the issues, the consequences but they feed into your despair, making you sicker, fulfilling that self-filled prophecy.
  5. Hi, New to the forum, so please be gentle - I'm not in a good place at the moment. It has taken me days to pluck the courage to seek help on this. This is a little long, but I'll do my best to be brief. Started new job role in September 2016, after being made redundant from a role I loved. In the December 2016 I started experiencing increased anxiety and OCD issues, visited GP and was placed on a waiting list for a mental health referral. After a telephone consultation with Mental Health Unit I was deemed low risk - I work, wash myself and generally 'function' like a normal person. March/April 2016, issue became more severe and spent two days off work speaking to Samaritans. Visited different GP who immediately referred me to local mental health unit as a high risk patient. I have been under that unit since then with weekly appointments. Wr agreed weekly appointments as they discovered through treatment that working was an important part of my character and anything that could jeopardize this would have detrimental affect on fragile mental state. It is fair to say that the Unit have never experienced any like myself as they're not used to what they describe as a 'high function' mental health patient; that is I work and look 'normal' but behind the scenes fall apart. I did have a diagnoses of bipolar disorder over 20 years ago, but this was different. Have now been diagnosed with OCD and anxiety so severe I'm classed as disabled under the Equalities Act. Upon returning to work, during my return to work I explained everything with a line manager. And we agreed that I could have the weekly appointments, so long as the time was paid back and it caused little disruption. Everything has gone well until recently. In December 2016 HR became involved due to absence levels affecting the 'Bradford Score' making it really high. HR got involved and had a medical report from my psychologist, explained I am disabled and work need to make necessary adjustments. These adjustments are more around office temperature and asking people not to spray perfumes on the office floor - I work in a call centre. And, to issue a parking pass to reduce anxiety levels. Work is so hot that I sweat, it causes and OCD reaction and I often go home at lunch for a shower and fresh set of clothing, for example. I've had no occupational health referral. I still have to email daily to get the heating turned down - from 23/24 degrees at my desk. One aspect of my role I cannot do due to my OCD is ask customers to complete a survey to get feedback as the feedback will be about me. HR and myself have spoken about this and they were going to request another medical report to support this. However, this hasn't happened due to line manager leaving and HR wanting to wait for new manager. Not doing surveys has lost me an annual bonus and payrise. Doing them causes distress and self-harm. Also, they advertised for the line manager for my team, I have applied. They are announcing who has the role. I haven't even been told if I had an interview or not, as my application shows as pending. Everyone else has been told this. I even know who has the role. Last week, I had what I describe as a 'turn', after several days of having emails ignored asking for the heating to be turned down to it actually being increased last Thursday, I lost it. During afternoon break during a strip wash - I do this very break - I had heat rash all over my chest and my face was bright red due to the heat. I emailed HR and the management demanding they turn the heating down as it was torture for me in work - I actually used that word too. Friday I called in sick and was thinking of self-certifying for the week. I'm seeing my psychologist this week. I really dread the thought of going back in, but I'm also scared of the consequences my bradford score is off the charts. Any help or advice would be greatly received. Please. And, thank you reading this long post.
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