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  1. Have requested compliant paperwork under CCA request to PRA for barclaycard debt .If paperwork shows a reconstituted copy of agreement with married name on agreement and the agreement was taken out when I was single and using maiden name is this legal and compliant .Agreement was also taken out pre 2007.
  2. Is there anyway of posting paperwork on here to check if a credit card is unenforceable?
  3. You have only listed about 27k of debt,where is the other 23k to make it 50k?
  4. Thanks to you all again for advice,feeling better able to cope with it all now.You have all been great.
  5. Thanks for reply. I have started taking savings out ready to put in our new current account. Just waiting for new account to be set up. New bank is switching all direct debits .Have no direct debits for any credit cards just essential priority debts. Just worried that obviously if right up to overdraft limit they will carry on adding charges until DMP kicks in and hopefully they freeze it. Should I leave them about £300 clear of overdraft to use for charges or not.
  6. lloyds,also got credit cards with them too,just wondering whether to leave something in current account from my savings account so there is less on my dmp.
  7. Have overdraft of £ 2500 with bank,also savings of about £1805,overdraft limit is £3000,should I move some of savings to new bank account or leave to pay most of overdraft off and just start afresh.Advice please.
  8. When I send income and expenditure to card companies,should i include copies of wage slips,tax credits ,child benefits or not.
  9. Thanks for explaining clearly.
  10. Have had replies back from Barclaycard about time accounts were opened mine was 2012 and my husband's was 2004. If I CCA request the 2004 Barclaycard and they do not respond in 12 + 2 days ,is this debt unenforceable and would I then need to write and ask them to close account as defaulted.
  11. Thanks for advice,just panicking so much.
  12. Have looked in that library and started letter to them all today ,just going to do income and expenditure to get ready to go,going to contact them all first for dates of accounts.All of your advice and help is appreciated and makes me feel I am not alone in this nightmare.
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