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  1. Hello, I was declared bankrupt on 19th May 2017. I had a CCJ from Capquest that predates this by a month or so. The other week I received a letter from the County Court stating Restons have applied for an attachment of earnings for Capquest. I returned the N56 and attached a cover letter explaining the debt was included in my Bankruptcy and included a copy of the bankruptcy order. I sent a letter to Restons with this detail also. Today I received a transfer of proceedings form moving it to my local county court. It states I never returned the N56, which I obviously did. I have spoke to the official receiver and they ahve stated that Capquest got sent the statement for creditors and should be aware of the bankruptcy. They however told me they will not intervene with the court and I should seek legal advice. How do I get this sorted? Do I need to apply for a change of order? The letter states a bailiff will attend to deliver a N61. Should I be concerned? Any help appreciated.
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