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  1. Received a letter today notifying me that the claimant no longer wishes to pursue the case and they have filed an abandonment with the court. I guess they didn't have the original credit agreement as they claimed.
  2. Well, the plot thickens. Two days after receiving a letter from the court confirming that the claimants must produce all relevant documentation by 1st December or the case will be dismissed without further notice, I have received a letter from the claimant stating they are willing to accept a settlement figure and they will even allow me to pay in instalments! The cynics amongst us may assume that the claimant does not have said documents.
  3. Yeah shoosmiths solicitor was there. No documentation. A number of cases were dismissed this morning for that reason. Thanks for all your help with this, very much appreciated.
  4. The Sheriff has granted 4 weeks for the claimant to produce the original credit agreement etc. If they can't then the case will be dismissed.
  5. Hi again. I have resubmitted form 4a and am scheduled to attend court on Friday 3rd. I had hoped that shoosmiths may have dropped the action but no word on that so far. I just have a quick question - is there any possibility that shoosmiths may just not turn up to the court or is that wishful thinking?
  6. My.date to attend is 3rd nov. If anything else happens in the meantime I will post an update.
  7. Dear Sir/Madam Case Ref: xxxxxxxxx I refer to the above case number. I received a summary procedure notification regarding the above. The amount the claimant stated on this was £737.00. Included in this was a time to pay application. I received no advice or explanation of procedure, nor did I receive any explanation or breakdown of the amount being requested. Given that the amount being claimed is vastly more than the original maximum credit limit, I can only assume that fees and/or charges have been added. Unsure how to proceed and rather intimidate
  8. It doesn't specify, it just says: 'the respondent is ordered to lodge a completed response form on the basis of the information contained in her recent letter to the court'. Even if the fleecer can produce the original credit agreement, surely the debt purchase agreement (which will no doubt reveal the debt was purchased for peanuts) and the breakdown of the sum claimed will show that a load of unlawful charges have been added and these charges will subsequently be written off by the Sheriff?
  9. Hi just a quick update. I sent a letter to the Sheriff Court stating that I was disputing the amount being claimed and quoting some valid points from the information you provided me with. I have received a letter asking myself and the claimant to attend court for a case management discussion. I have to prepare a new response form to include the points I raised in my letter. I have not been provided with a new form however. I need to lodge this with the court prior to the hearing. Arrow Global have been instructed by the Sheriff to provide the original credit agreement, the debt pu
  10. Hello again. I called the Sheriff Clerk office this morning. The lady I spoke to said she had no idea what an SPR form 4a is. I explained the situation, and that the claimant have now piled another £200+ onto the amount. She said that although the claimants have rejected the time to pay application, the Sheriff may overrule this and accept the offer of £20.00 per month, or will decide that it will go forward to a hearing, where I will then have to present a case for time to pay. The outcome of the phone call was that I have to now wait for communication from the She
  11. Ah no sorry i sent the application for time to pay to the sheriff court and received the reply from Shoosmiths. I will look over all your advice and start taking action tomorrow. Thank you.
  12. Hi I did send the time to pay to the sheriff court by recorded delivery, so I have no idea why the response came via shoosmiths.
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