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  1. hi so i sent the request to the court off to use video evidence but havent heard back i only have 2 weeks to file the whole case..what do i do? the court said they cant comment on when the judge will process the letter..if i send video evidence..will the judge just not say sorry i didn;'t accept this ???
  2. my worry with sending a url of the video evidence however is what if the other side says he doesnnt have internet or something?
  3. hello everyone i rang the court today as i was confused, the directions state to put any expert you expect to bring and witnesses.. .yet the recent doc i had said u must write to the court and ask for this.. the woman seemed unsure and said well if its in your directions technically youve already informed the court. .im sending a letter anyway to request it. .but really unsure.. also the woman from court said if i buy a usb and send it i would be seeming to 'un-necessrily increase my costs' and so it would be better if i uploaded the files to a file hosting site and sent
  4. ive done the witness statement thanks.. i need help with what the court bundle should contain..is my index ok??
  5. im desperately in need of help in terms of the index for the court bundle can anyone help??
  6. can i do that? use min res in penstick sent to them and play the 4k hd versions in court?
  7. hi i have all the expert statements, quotes and video evidence done. The court letter says it must be done 2 weeks before so i need it done by may 1st i guess. What I am worried about is - a) i am unsure what to put in a index this is my draft index so far and i don't know if its ok?- Nottingham County Court : Case No: XXX BETWEEN XXX and Available Car Ltd Defendant ____________________________
  8. hey everyone so mediation failed..now had a court notice to say a hearing has been set for june 13th, and i need to pay £80 by May 1st. I also need to write and request use of any expert statements/witnesses/reports and video evidence. I have two questions- the court bundle, does anyone have an indea of the index layout and what is needed to be included. Also in my directions I already put down I want to use written evidence, what do I write to the court and say really?
  9. Hey thanks everyone, I got the directions sent off recorded delivery. Did some more reading on CAG and it said to keep a paper trail, start building a file now. I’ve done that and got a folder ready on my pc. The case has now been agreed for mediation on 25th Jan. However the original repair the dealership claims to have done in their defence has now re-emerged. I contacted the dealer and he said he will speak to the finance company not me. I contacted the finance company as I found a ‘receipt for work’ which states they would repair the door seals and also oddly
  10. thnks that makes sense..so would the mechanics be expert statement..or id put them in witnesses?
  11. hi am not dragging my expert witness, theyve never done a expert report before..ive googled cant find any..does any1 have any on here we could use as a template?
  12. hi okay am a bit confused.. i have mechanic reports but there all by email of the fact the video footage matches the damage to the vehicle.. they won't come to court as they are on inspection quotes they said theyll only be a witness if i use them for the repair, which i cannot get done till the court case is over. .are these expert witnesses or how do i file this.. i think am very confused as to what the court deems and defines an 'expert witness'.. also in the directions do i make the request to use video evidence? or when do i do this? i only have until the 2nd
  13. Thanks for the help ericsbrother. Quick few questions (1) do i send the directions to the defendant and court? (2) the expert witnesses part on the directions, i cannot find any template for how expert witness written reports should be laid out and none of the garages i used know how to lay it out who did the inspection..do you guys know or have any templates for this? I want to use a few garages as i had 3 inspections done by 3 garages so would you attach this seperately on the directions?
  14. oh ok i did read that..in terms of directions i want to use emailed reports from the aa, mechanical inspections etc about the clutch etc would they be ok to put in written reports..also due to limited characters my mcol online was very limited for the POC..will i get an opportunity to write a more detailed POC?
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