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  1. Hi, I can’t see the whole post, I was chased by BFL solutions for my old nursery ‘debt’ they got in contact after the 6 years statue barred, which they were told to jog on (Aug 17) my friend before Xmas they contacted her regards to the invoice she left (nursery was a rubbish hole put politely) again 6 year rules we fobbed them Off with a statue barred letter! They’ve gone for a Ccj? BFL are a 3rd party that the nursery have either sold on to or another debt collector (they pay pennies in the pound for) did you ever give the nursery notice of leaving? Or have any re
  2. Oh is that another BFL solutions? Trying to read through the thread is really scatty only phone
  3. Get a complaint going with the energy Ombusman, green star are a joke! I’m currently with the idiots wish I wasn’t but I owe a fair bit to them after they took my sse account without permission after loads of errors (which I got in debt with trying to sort it out) I’m Going round in circles with them.
  4. & what? Not heard from them since ... my friends child (also was at the nursery from hell got a invoice before xmas) we did the statue barred letter - it’s over 6 years old the emailed back a load of dribble & they aren’t Pushing the ‘debt’ for payment. I’ve never received statements or anything since I sent BFL a email that it’s over 6 years old & none inforaceble, no post either for a back door ccj.
  5. Leave it for them to 'prove' which they've said they'll contact me through email .... Go from there. I have a feeling they won't be able to come up with statements anyway.
  6. Yeah both letters one was dated 8th & other 16th August so a week or so later I get them. Worth speaking to the owners? Not that it helped anything last time I was lied too speaking to the owner (first dca letter from countrywide) one of my friends suggested if they continue the harrassement off dca's regards to the invoice take to 'social media' & the local pet bedding newspaper? For that I'm the type of person to cause a storm in a tea cup for no reason ... Rather just get on with my life as usual like it doesn't exist like the past 5/6 years.
  7. Its a rubbish situation to be in, I don't want them to know my current address although I'm findable on the electoral list. Far as I'm in the loop if they try a backdoor ccj I can get it set aside while I defend? Not like I 'owe' thousands was simply a 4 week notice period which has been bumped up to £272 odd. I'm pretty sure it's over 6 years old but can't find the dates till I request that medical note from the gp, I'm told otherwise it's 7 months or so from being 6 years by a friend. I've request 'statements' anyway from this dca, wonder if they can produce a
  8. Haha I've sent it before. Spoke to a family friend she thinks I've got a strong enough case if it went too fake court ... she's worked in the medical field for over 30 years. Keep my eyes out for a fake court letter
  9. Case of just keep a eye out for a ccj claim form? I have emailed them stating facts. I will ignore if they ever come back to me unless it's a made up invoice from the nursery in question I bet they can't find anything for the £80 balance for the 4 weeks nor statement or contract if they come up with anything of interest I'll update the thread haha I'm sure someone else has a issue with them & Reading online forums. Usually I wouldn't even entertain a DCA in the slightest but in this case I am in the right & always have been so would rather clear my n
  10. Yeah our client xxxx loads do say that I've had the lovely Lowell use the same terms I had that one wiped to a 0 balance nothing to to with this one although. BFL chase up nursery debts could be why I've never heard of them before ... neither nationwide.
  11. Unsure where the grey area is ... I know they sell on plus add more fees to the £80 original invoice. I've contacted my GP surgery over the visit to the walk in centre notes I would have to request them in writing but it's there receptionist couldn't give me a exact date as he had a few dates going in (chest infections) worth getting his medical records now of it goes to ccj central? I know for a fact BFL won't be able to produce a statement with the new nursery name for the amount they're demanding or a contract between me & either nursery.
  12. BFL solutions are using the new name for the nursery Countrywide In 2014 used the old one 'bo Jangles Ltd' no such name on companies house for the area
  13. Just found a old dca letter from countrywide 2014 stating the actual name of the nursery & the invoice was for £90 plus fees from Countrywide totalling £220 I have a picture of them As I sent them a friend... so countrywide have sold on to BFL under the new name of the nursery ... does that make it void anyway as that no longer exists? I can post all up blanking out my details ... ?
  14. Yep utter goons! Wondering how would I find out the 100% date I'm sure it's 5 months off being statue barred as my sons just under 7 1/2 he was only at the nursery for a few months anyway. Unsure if medical records will give anything exact when I pulled him Out
  15. Old address from 5/6 years ago although still in the area ... I've moved about 3 times & know the current tenants as well as neighbours they will pass on any letters
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