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  1. Hello everyone i sent the letter, the 14 day deadline is in 3 days, as i suspected they have not replied, i sent two letters, one to the general manager and to the HR manager, both recorded delivery, what would be the next step? moneyclaim.gov.uk/ or employment tribunal? i cant afford a solicitor, and the nearest CAB centre is miles away
  2. if you could please give me a template letter of what to write in the letter, thanks for the help
  3. I might write to the head office, it is probably a waste of time, they will claim to have not recieved any letter or say the manager is busy or some other nonsense, as i said they treat people like crap and have a very high turnover
  4. i have been sacked from my job the employer is refusing my final wages, i had been working for the company for 3 months, i was still in the probationary period, the company acused me of stealing cash ( 7 pounds), this is a lie, the area is fully covered by cctv, I had a dispute with one of my co workers a few hours later he telephoned the manager and claimed i stole the cash The next day i arrived for work and was sacked on the spot, they said they have the right to do this as i was in the probation period, i didnt argue as i hated the job and my workmates
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