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  1. no not thin air ive already said the technician records the plate ???????
  2. yes but seems like they are clutching at straws asking me for photos of my bike how can they prove it wasnt a cloned bike it would be easy enough to make slight changes to the bike ??
  3. hi all after some advice please i got a nip through and as you are all aware you go onto the internet now to view evidence ? i was on my bike and they have got me doing 40 in a 30 but they have no photographic evidence of my number plate to cut a long story short after numerous letters backwards and forwards to them they are asking for photographs of all sides of my bike also if i do send them they want to examine the photos then they say they will stop my vehicle when im out on it ? am i right to refuse these as there is only 2 photos from the front and according
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