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  1. this is yet another template? Well.....now I regret spending 5p on that phone call. Good stuff. Cheers dx!
  2. Here is an update regarding this, I have received a 3rd letter today. Unfortunately cannot upload it however I will gladly write out key points from it. "You have not disputed the claim, and there are no other circumstances you consider relevant to the incident, the claim needs to be settled." I actually did dispute the claim via appeal of my employment dismissal as well as telephoning the RLP and stating so as well as accepting no responsibility, only that it was an error made at the time. "Ignoring this matter will not make this go away and it is not in your best interest to do s
  3. Well I think me and you both know as well as most people do who visit here and read this forum, the only thing they will do is waste paper sending me letters
  4. After reading the forums and many websites regarding the RLP I decided everyone should have a massive chuckle at what they are trying on with me. first and foremost, I am not paying the RLP a penny and just to make this clear after reading these forums I can clearly see that they are not nice. My case however is slightly different. in February I was called into a meeting at my workplace and informed that I have reduced an item without authorisation and had cost the company £17. The interesting thing to note is that the item in question had already been written off at store leve
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