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  1. Thanks Slick. I guess I should leave it well alone
  2. Nothing that will download an image to a pc, no real need for one
  3. Oh I see I got mixed up with the other link. Sorry I don't have any way to make it into a pdf or take a photo I can upload
  4. Thanks Slick, they say "send any supporting documents that will aid us in resolving your dispute" Thanks - Yes I've had a credit card with BC but it is paid in full and a different account number, I cancelled it as I barely used it and it shows as closed. I did originally complain to BC after they tried to claim for this different account. The only answer I ever got was a T&Cs document with no date Thanks - I've never had an Egg account, I'm seriously boring and have kept details of all the accounts/finance products I've ever had includi
  5. Hello Again, I sent the letter to say I dont know about any such debt as suggested here and left in the green section too just in case. I've now received a letter saying I need to send documents of proof as I dispute the debt (I simply never had it) ... which is silly because I didn't have any such account or debt how on earth can I be expected to provide proof? I really wish this wasn't so confusing. Do I need to reply?
  6. Thanks Slick, is that the statues one?
  7. There were no details, dates or otherwise on them, just some photocopied documents with terms and conditions typed on the front and typical terms and conditions
  8. Thanks DX 100uk No paperwork they just sent me a terms and conds document in reply to the CCA I sent to them
  9. I don't know, they only ever give an account number but no further details and as it's not on my credit file (thankfully) there is nothing I look at to check.
  10. Hello and thanks for the warm welcome, link and replies. In answer to your questions: CRA - I checked today and no such debt or account is listed. I check maybe once or twice a year just in case and have never seen it before on the CRA. If it had appeared it would have definitely raised alarm bells. CCA - In 2012 when BC sent a letter asking for payment I did send a CCA. I received a document stating terms and a cover letter to tell me to refer to the document. Nowhere was there a name, address, type of account or any other paperwork just an account number that I have never had.
  11. Hello I'm a bit non-plussed on this one but I've had a letter from Barclaycard claiming they have sold on a debt from a card I've never had amounting to over 6k and now a letter from Robinson Way asking for payment. I've had this some years ago from BC and sent a letter to say it's not my account, they returned a large document of T&Cs as a reply??? Can anyone advise on how to deal with this ... send another letter? Wait for a summons? From what I read Robinson Way use some nasty tactics.
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