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  1. Dealing with amex paperwork today I have received letter from PRA group(one of the several companies chasing me); they informed me that probably the website I am getting information from is giving me incorrect details and my debt is fully payable ; apparently they are still chasing the paperwork from the original company also I checked my credit rating and so far none of the chasers put default on my account cabot ignored me all together, no reply from them and now it is almost a month since I sent them the first letter
  2. After cancelling direct debit I have received a paperwork from one of the creditors-American express. There are quite a few items: copy of an agreement with my signature; copy of the latest notices of variation relating to each term of the agreement; insurance documentation. how do I proceed?
  3. will get in touch with stepchange on Monday, thank you for your help, need to sort that out as soon as possible!
  4. Two weeks passed yesterday; sent out 8 letters. 3 of them did not reply to my request; one of them mentioned statutory 8 weeks. PRA group sent me a letter with attached information that even when my debt is unenforceable I still owe them money and if I don't pay it will affect my credit rating and also they need more then 12 days to respond. they all want more time. How long do I need to wait for the paperwork? any suggestions? Stepchange collected the monthly payment although the once who responded put my accounts on hold.
  5. I don't have any correspondence from arrow global only moorcroft Thank you very much for your help, will post all my letters tomorrow, recorded delivery, just in case. is the CCA request the same procedure as Conditional Acceptance ?
  6. Moorcroft is managing my ac on behalf of arrow global and abbey probably sold my debt to them; I would like to get advice how to proceed with the letters- shall I keep DDR with stepchange in place and send them the letters or just canx sterchange and then send them the letters?
  7. ncoeurope but on stepchange statement is says: nco-arrow/capquest; don't remember seeing any paperwork from capquest thou ; it used to be M&S cc Moorcroft debt recovery ltd ; used to be abbey cc; every year they send me settlement offer and usually it is around £1500 less then my debt don't have any finances so I cant pay them anything
  8. cabot financial used to be CITI cc - owe them £13430 Moorcroft used to be abbey cc - owe them £3774 nco(Europe) used to be M&S cc- owe them £9564 the question is do I send the letters first and them canx DDR with stepchange or do I need to canx DDR first and then send the letters? I just checked my credit report and it seems there is only 1 cc showing /cabot one. not really understand how it works?
  9. it is STEPCHANGE charity organisation, previously I was with byrom&keely but they were charging me £30 per month for just for talking to my debtors; apparently that charity I am at the moment with are doing for free
  10. Hi, For over 10 years I am on DMP. I started with the company who was charging me a lot for just collecting my DDR and distributing them to my creditors. I have over £ 50k in debt and pay £240 pcm. As me and my husband are retired that money is very needy. I was thinking of stopping DDR and try to sort out the debt. Could anyone give me an advice where to start? If I stop DDR can the debtors put a default on my accounts? after receiving numerous phone call a day I got myself into DMP with stepchange; recently I have discovered consumer action gr
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