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  1. Try to stay calm, DX is right that it is not what the court order said. Please do not start the cycle of feeling down, this terrible company can say what they want but the only way they can seek possesion is if you miss a single FULL payment. So relax.
  2. Apologies DX, just so you can understand, I will put it anotherway. ...although its not relevent to this case, modern systems are easy to scan through IF you know the time/date. Better?
  3. Whilst I agree to forget about it, its’s not true about the access to CCTV. All they have to do with modern systems is input the time and date and in a matter of moments the staff will have the footage on the screen. I would be surprised if M&S do not have a high end system. My house system has this function and it cost 150. If M&S don’t have this function they deserve every thing they get.
  4. If it is a ultrasonic sensor issue you should be able to disable this function. Not ideal but at least you will be able to lock it. There's usually a button in the car on the drivers side. It's a worth a look.
  5. Dig deep buddy, and remember don't ever EVER be late with one single payment. I don't think there would be another chance for you. Just remember how well you are doing.
  6. And in the meantime you advise not to contact them and ignore emails? Great stuff.
  7. He says he owes it. PAY what you owe. So what’s the advise now “..only pay it if they can find you and pin you down”? You will be telling him to blindly try a chargeback next ! ( you know, just in case he maid a payment by visa debit) So so what is the official CAG stance on paying debts then...come on DX, I would love to hear it
  8. He he says he can pay it. When end will you be stopped from advising people to avoid paying their debts, or is this now the official line of CAG? It is certainly not what CAG was set up for. So so the official line is “Only pay what you owe if there is legal recourse”?
  9. Which bit is negative, did you not have the offer on the table of leaving at the end of January and then you did something that made the landlord retract that offer and want you out...do you class that as being successful? I feel you may think that you are in some kind of position to negotiate. You were and then now you are not. The LL has served you with the required documents and that is all he is required to do BEFORE he serves you a section 21. It will not void one served after the required documents. It is a shame you see my advice as being negative, I wish you well.
  10. It can’t be less than 2 months and does not mean they can turf you out at the end of the notice, they would then have to go to court. Get advise on how valid the notice. If it is invalid I would wait to go to court then they would have to serve another notice and another eight week wait. As for negotiating, you tried that and you went from the end of January with that month free to having to be out on the 21st of December. Either he is not to be messed with or negotiation is not your strong point.
  11. I have just taken five mins to read your posts on the other site. You have been given clear advice but you keep asking the same question. I wish you well, however, I am out.
  12. There are no reasons why he can serve you a section 8 and even if he did, he could not come around and kick you out after two weeks. He would then have to court and if you did not come under any of the statutory reasons then he would have to argue his case. To terminate a fixed term tenancy, landlords need to use one of the common mechanisms, if any of them applies: Serve a section 21 eviction notice with a date taking effect on the last day of the fixed term and a minimum of two months between the date it is served and the date it takes effect Serve a section 8 eviction notice if the tenant has breached the tenancy agreement (e.g. has entered into rent arrears) Obtain a possession from the court and have the county bailiffs to enforce it upon the evicted tenants Make use of a special “break clause” in the tenancy agreement that allows them to end the contract early He wants you out, but to make you leave is going to cost him time, effort and money. SO it is within his best interest to come to some sort of arrangement. NOTHING is going to happen quickly if he goes for eviction. Again, I am no expert but so I am sure you will get some more advice coming along later.
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