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  1. So they could set aside the CCJ they did at my old address without notifying me? Just to clarify, I ask the non CCJ debts for a CCA & then what happens? I then ask the CCJs for a subject access request & I don't pay anything until I have that? What would be the next steps would you think?
  2. The 3 they are dealing with are an M&S loan (£4.5k) credit card (£3k) also an egg loan (3.5k). Two debts are just an arrangement between me & them, one is £850 the other around £5.5k There are then 3 other ccjs, barclaycard, Halifax & cahoots originally but dealt with via debt collectors. I'm keen to put an end to it all & ideally want to settle them, just not sure why they would £1 per month instead of a lump settlement. My finances haven't changed and the court kept it at £1 per month when restons took me to court a couple months ago. They didn't turn up & gave no evidence. I should also add that settlement will be via a gift from a family member. Having looked into it, the M&S CCJ claimant listed is arrow. The egg one the claimant is egg so could I go back to them? The more I dig into it the worse it gets. They have been to court for the CCJ M&S credit card last month & ive received no paperwork from them, but they have my correct address because they corresponded about the loan. How is that possible? They've got a judgement for a full payment as I wasn't able to respond
  3. I have 8 debts I'm trying to settle. 3 are held with restons but originally were with arrow & I think they own it. I've come to an agreement with all the other agencies to settle the debts but restons will not take an offer. They've caused me the most stress & keep going back to court to try to increase my monthly payment of the CCJs. I'm wondering is it possible to go back to arrow to try to negotiate a settlement? The others have all been very understanding & helpful but not so with these guys. Any advice much appreciated
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