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  1. Some update news: After the judgement was issued on 27/09/2017 I received a letter from the court confirming the judgement had been issued, I waited two weeks to see if myHermes would pay up on their own accord, they didn't. On 17/10/2017 I submitted an online ticket to myHermes stating the details of the judgement and requesting their payment, and on 26/10/2017 I got the following response: Thank you for contacting myHermes. Further to your enquiry, we apologise for the inconvenience and frustration caused to you. Unfortunately, as previously advised we are unable to compensa
  2. According to MCOL my judgement has been issued. Your judgment against Hermes Parcelnet Ltd was issued on 27/09/2017 at 19:23:14 Does that mean Hermes now have to pay? I'm struggling to find information about what happens next.
  3. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, the birth of my daughter came 4 weeks early so I've been a bit pressed for time! My County Court Claim was submitted on 03/09/2017, and was issued on 04/09/2017. I take it this means it was deemed as Served on 09/09/2017 (5 days after issued) On 12/09/2017 I received the below email from myHermes responding to my Letter Before Action. They erroneously refer to my item being broken rather than lost, and have refunded the £12.49 Shipping and Insurance fee. Response By E-mail (Karen) (12/09/2017 09.00 AM) Dear Alex, Regarding parcel
  4. On the claim form it said to claim interest from the date the money became owed. So I used the date Hermes confirmed the item had been lost as the start date.
  5. Thank you for the confirmation BankFodder. The statement came from one of your posts in another thread, so thanks again for your help! County Court claim has been submitted today.
  6. Unsurprisingly myHermes have not responded to my LBA within the 14 days. I am now going through the process of submitting a County Court Claim. For the short statement I am going to include the following: The defendants are a parcel delivery company. On 07/08/2017 the defendants agreed to deliver the claimant's parcel containing a coffee machine, value £200, to an address in the UK. The delivery fee was £12.49 which was paid by the claimant. Reference no. XXXXXXXXXXXX The defendants failed to deliver the parcel and have subsequently reported it as lost. The defenda
  7. Thanks for the help, LBA went off today. I'll post an update when I get a response or when I submit the county court paperwork.
  8. Thank you so much for your advice! Yes, thankfully I do have evidence that I told them in advance that it was a coffee machine, I'll include that with my letter. I've updated the value be sought, added in the section about materially affecting risk, and that they knew ahead of time the contents. Thanks again for your help. Name & Address of Customer 16th August 2017 Letter before Action Dear Sirs Reference Number of Parcel and value As I have already informed you via your online chat on 12/08/2017, on 07/08/2017 you contracted to transport my parc
  9. In Brief: I sold a coffee machine on eBay, and sent the parcel via myHermes. They have since lost the parcel and have refused to pay compensation on the coffee machine as it appears on their extensive list of ‘excluded’ items. Having read through a similar case /showthread.php?456708-Hermes-Extra-Charges-but-lost-Item I feel I have a good chance to take this to the small claims court to get compensation. I’ve not had to do this before so if I could get some advice on the letter before action before I send it, I would really appreciate it. In Detail: 06/08/2017 The coffee mac
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