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  1. no i dont think but awaitingthe statement I requested. do they send an official notifcation do you know? its more the matter they wonrt accept a trade offer and would rather aution for 2/3 less than offer and have me liable (which I agree is the process)
  2. I fell behind on payment due to illness. Long and short of it is that FRF are threatening repossession. the vehicle is worth 1.5k. at auction it will get max £500. a trade garage who valued said they wiould pay the finance company 1.5 direct and deal direct. First Response tell me the garage would have to pay the full amount outstanding of 4k. if i VT i am liable for the balance after auction. i assume this is process. but if i am able to make the vakue of the vehicle does anyone know if other finace companies who have accepted this. has anyone had repossesion dealings with this company. Not the most customer friendly but it is what it is.
  3. i have a vehicle which has not reched the 50% mark. threatened with reposssession as fell behid on payemnts due to illness. I want to VT the agreement. Howver a trade delaler will offer 1.5k for the car. FR say they need to pay that and the balance I owe. I suggested the transaction be beteen the dealer and them and i am tying to reduce the liability as at auction thw acr will get a max £500. effectively i would reducer the liabilty, any collection and auction costs. whne I get the final statement of what is owed i think i legally am responsible for that amount even though i offered a part solution. any advice?
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