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  1. thank you , but if they sell it on would that not cause more trouble and courts and demands
  2. After a lot of correspondece with the fos i have now recieved this . I wondered if anyone could help . They say a £1 a month but that will never clear the debt , could they sell the debt on and land me in more troulble . any help much appreciatted . Dear Mrs xxxxxxxx I’ve now had a response from Halifax with regards to your income and expenditure form and complaint. They’ve reviewed your income and expenditure form and have identified that you have a deficit each month. Because of this they wouldn’t agree to a repayment plan of £40 a month. Instead, the maximum they would accept is £1 a month unless your circumstances change. However, you will need to contact the Collections team to discuss your options on 0808 145 0439 once your complaint with us has been resolved. Moving forward, Halifax has calculated the charges you incurred from January 2017 until 11 December 2017 (when your account was placed on hold and all charges suspended). It totals £1,020.34 which they’ve rounded up to £1,100. They’ve offered to use this amount to reduce your outstanding balance on the account. Looking at my previous recommendation, I now feel the above offer is fair as I only asked them to refund your charges and interest from March 2017 not January 2017. A hold has been put on all collections activity on your account and for your account to be fee free whilst we are looking at your complaint. Please let me know your thoughts on Halifax’s offer and if you’d like to accept it or not. Kind regards
  3. just an update , they said they would reduce the overdraft from 4900 to 4200 the 700 being this years charges . i am still not happy and have now complained to the fos . today the neww charges scheme start a daily fee of 7 pound which i will never be able to afford .
  4. Thanks for your reply , but i am worried once i stop using the account that come november it will just keep escalting with overdraft fees .
  5. Hi i am pretty new to all this but am desperate for help . I do have my self to blame but am so worried what the new charges will do to me in november . I have had a halifax account for over 25 years now and say over the the last 8-10 years have used the overdraft facily . At first it was only about 600 so wasnt too bad but then i could easily up it online no problem . My finances spiralled out of control and upped the overdraft too 1700 so the fee was only a manageable 30 pound per month . I then got involved with many payday loans and was also doing alot of online gambling . this year i went from 1700 overdraft up to 4800 even though i only earn 1000 a month . I have been refunded all payday loans interest and some written off through the FOS Wonga, Sunny etc . At the moment i pay 99 per month in fees but this is too rise to well over 200 . Under no circumstances can i afford this . I think the halifax have irresponsible allowed my overdraft to go up knowing i only earn 1000 a month . One night i increased my overdarft 4 times each 500 because it was so easy to do. I am in financial hardship and it is worrying me sick . I have not contacted the halifax yet and not sure what road to go down . I am not very good with words and i worry alot . I know i have brought this on myself with the gambling etc but they should have a system that dosent allow you to increase if you dont have the money going in . Just too add i have paid halifax over £3200 in planned and unplanned fees too date . Not including their other system before 2010 were i paid alot of fees to them . Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance Ann
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