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  1. ah okay, thanks for your reply
  2. Hi there, I have recently had a PPI COMPLAINT upheld with RBS I recieved my final outcome letter today but I am still left feeling slightly confused and wonder if I am owed a bit more. i don't have all the information on the personal loan like interest rate but feel that it doesnt quit add up I took out a loan on May 2nd 2007 - £1000 I then apparently took out another loan on 27th May 2007 - £ 1500 to cover the first loan (i can't remember why this was done) This being a chain loan I was always under the impression that I only took out a loan of £1000 at this time so this confuses me I paid my final payment for the loan on March 27th 2012 I was paying payments of £37.78 over 5 years / 60 months so this totals to £2229.02 that I paid for the whole loan of £1000 the rest being a combination of interest and PPI ( £1229.02) The banks offer is for the first Loan PPI REFUND £8.19 STATUTORY INTEREST £6.68 20% TAX £1.34 NET offer £13.53 The banks offer for second loan PPI REFUND £59.44 STATUTORY INTEREST £36.41 20% TAX £7.28 NET offer £88.57 now i'm really sorry if i have got it all wrong but I just feel a bit confused with this out come. This would make the total PPI PAID £67.63 Over 5 years and the itnerest being £1161.39? in the letter they do not break down my interest and ppi so that its clear. if anyone can make sense of this I would be grateful ! Kind regards
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