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  1. Hi, I wrote to the 5 catalogue creditors before I missed any payments to tell them what had happened when my then partner left. All agreed to accept £10 a month for when the next payment was due. All of them froze the accounts so no charges/interest would be added. I will however have BNPL interest on the Very accounts that will be added. My other debts are 2 bank loans but I am paying them as normal and they will be paid off in just under 4 years.
  2. Thank you very much. That's that sorted I will pay £10 a month as I already do but now to Lowells and whoever else my come along when the other debts are sold on. Glad to see Lowell's or any DCA can't add anymore charges on to what I already owe. So now it's just a case of carrying on as before and to stop stressing Your help/advice is really appreciated. Thank you very much. x
  3. Hi, I am taking your advice and I am going to pay £10 with the ref number each month via online bank. I expect this to happen with NEXT as they offered 6 months at £10 a month and the 3 Very debts - Very - Very ( Isme ) and Very ( woolworths ) accepted 12 months @ £10 a month each I now suspect this was to allow any BNPL 12 months to be added with full interest before selling on. I have a full incomings and outgoings that shows £50 available each month to be able to pay these 5 debts. I'm a little worried they will say £10 a month isn't enough as this will take 9 years
  4. Exactly the same thing happened to me today as well with a JD Williams account ( SimplyBe ) I had an agreement to pay monthly and it says on my letter they sold my account in December without a default notice to me.
  5. Hi, Thank you DX for your help. I have been doing a lot of reading but easily confused by it all and I just need to double check - apologies for that. If I send them £10 a month via BACs will that stop them going for a CCJ or is that a how long is a piece of string question. I have 4 other creditors I am paying £10 a month to and my guess is this is what the rest of them will do even though they agreed to 6 or 12 months payments. I get anxious over it all and I just want to pay them their £10 a month each and be done with it. What I don't want is the DCA adding more cha
  6. Hi, Yes it shows a Lowell ref number and their bank details to make payments to on the back of the letter. I will send it by BACs each month. Should I email them to say this is how I will be doing it. Can they say it isn't enough? I can send them incomings and outgoings as proof. Or do I just send a BACs when the next £10 is due in Feb and see if they contact me again? Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi DX I have been logging onto my SimplyBe account and paying the £10 a month that way. Do I email Lowell and ask them to continue accepting £10 a month as my circumstances haven't changed and ask for how to make payments to them? The money owed is correct they froze the account and interest when they agreed on £10 a month. Thank you for replying
  8. Hi, I'm back for more advice on what to do next. SimplyBe accepted my offer of £10 a month for 6 months ( 6 months is up in Feb ) I arrived home from work today to find a letter from Lowell. It says that JD Williams sold my SimplyBe account to Lowells on the 29th December 2017. Total balance £1,196.50 Lowell have been made aware that I am currently making payments towards the account. Any payments made after the 29/12/17 will be forwarded to Lowell Portfolio Ltd and will be deducted from the balance shown above. Please contact Lowell Finance on ( phone n
  9. Thank you DX I will do. I have just made a £5 donation to your forum. I know it's not a lot of money but it's to say thank you from someone who has really appreciated advice when I felt completely lost. I will be back if I need more advice. If my circumstances do not change over the next 12 months hope they keep the payment arrangement a rolling thing.
  10. Hi Just an update for you. I wrote to all 3 very accounts - Isme - Woolworths and Very - NEXT and Simply be. Very ( all 3 accounts have emailed me today ) NEXT emailed me yesterday. ( Still waiting ot hear from SimplyBe ) Very ( all 3 ) and NEXT have accepted my offer of £10 a month for the next 12 months and froze all interest as long as the monthly payments are kept up. I am absolutely amazed and so relieved! I never thought for a moment they would accept as you read all kinds of horrible things on the www about how they are with customers. When I wrote to them I pr
  11. Bazooka Boo my apologies this is all new to me and so many different www pages say so many different things that it is easy to get confused. I am ahead of myself you are right there and it's because I am so stressed at the moment. dx100uk I have probably been reading far too much. I am so glad I found this forum though and I am thankful for everyone who has taken time to offer advice. I will get those letters out and then be back when they respond. I intend to stick with you all the way through this. Also once I have finances in a better state I will definitely mak
  12. If/when they refuse the £10 and I am more than willing to keep paying it each month and they then sell on my debt to DCA's will I still have online access to my accounts to make the £10 payments or will they close my account and I won't be able to access it? How quickly do they sell on the debts to DCAs. You say the DCA's are powerless but aren't these the people who will take my debt to court and force a CCJ then the court tells me I have to pay them so much a month? Thank you
  13. Thank you for taking the time to reply Reallymadwoman. My partner moved out recently and I have no idea where he is. It wasn't a nice break up ( if there is such a thing ) until he gets in contact one way or another then I have no idea about if he will be paying towards the upbringing of his son. I would like to think so but also I never ever saw this coming. DX100 I have opened a new bank account today which has been accepted and they will post out to me all the account details within 5 working days. My pay date is this coming week so not enough time to sort any
  14. Thank you dx I have just in the last few minutes been online and opened up a new basic bank account. I will be back soon a visitor just arrived sorry but I will be back. I will truly appreciate all your help and advice over the coming weeks/months.
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