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  1. I made a multi-stop booking with Opodo at 2250 on 10th August, paying by credit card. The stops are: Bristol - Cape Town Cape Town - Gaborone, Botswana (via Johannesburg) Gaborone, Botswana - Bristol (via Johannesburg) When I made the booking the screen said "Free cancellation within the next 1 hour", although there is no mention of this in the confirmation emails. I immediately realised that I'd booked the wrong airport in Botswana (we need to fly to Maun) so I tried to cancel the whole lot. But I couldn't do that online, I have to phone the office and it closes at 2000h(GMT). So I phoned at 0800 today, to be told that it was too late to cancel! I can get no refund at all. I asked about changing the booking to fly directly from Cape Town to Maun instead. Opodo cannot do that, because the flight goes via Johannesburg using two operators (British Airways and South African Airways). I asked about cancelling the flight to Gaborone even without refunds and making our own arrangements. Opodo cannot do that, they can only cancel EVERYTHING and we will lose all our money. I asked what would happen if we simply did not turn up for the flight to Gaborone and made our own arangements. Opodo told me that we will be a "no show" and KLM will cancel the flights from Johannesburg back to the UK. KLM have confirmed this. Help! What can we do?
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