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  1. Should I add something like this? 6. The date last payment made was the dd/mm/yyyy 7. The Default Noticed was issued dd/mm/yyyy and served several months after the initial breach thus the cause of action delayed by X months and the Limitations period prolonged to 6 years and X months which in effect allows the creditor to stop time running and the creditor having effective control of when a limitation period begins or even starts to run. 8. Therefore the Defendant contends that the Claimant's claim so issued is a claim in contract and is statute barred pursuant to the provisions of s
  2. Yes, changed it to HBOS, and corrected the HSBC error.
  3. So am I right in thinking I shouldn't just go for the SB defence as I can't be sure? This is what I have so far. Should I mention any date of last payment etc in relation to it being SB'd? The Defendant contends that the particulars of the claim are vague and generic in nature. The Defendant accordingly sets out its case below and relies on CPR r 16.5 (3) in relation to any particular allegation to which a response has not been made. 1. It is admitted with regards to the Defendant once having had banking facilities with the original creditor Halifax. It is denied that I am indeb
  4. Ha, fair, can't say I had considered any of those, in which case I'll do it tomorrow afternoon? Hand with a start for the defence would be much appreciated! Bet most of us here are or were "last minute" people.
  5. Suppose I better start thinking about a defence to put in tomorrow? Since we cant be sure it is SB'd, should I start elsewhere for a defence? Thanks
  6. Ok, thanks. Is it usual for this to come 17/18 months after the last payment? Assuming it did 1 month before mid sept 2011.
  7. Thanks. When would a calling in notice usually be sent? I'm assuming I go with an SB defence, it can't be changed if the prove it isn't SB'd? What would be the best defence assuming it isn't?
  8. Thanks, wish I could 100% believe it was up to them to prove I made payment, but going by the thread I posted above, the judge sometimes brings things down to "the law of probabilities". Here is the information I've managed to get so far. The account was shut mid Sept 2011. Last payment from me Feb 2010. It was sold to Arrow mid Nov 2013. the rogue payment was apparently to Halifax, and apparently, as the account was in "recovery and collections" They can't tell me any information about it. Statements are apparently coming in the post. But not after the accou
  9. Tried again, apparently the only way to access a closed account is to go into the branch with ID.
  10. Clearly not, they are the acting solictors. All a learning curve. I have tried, but I couldn't pass security verification due to some pin number form 7 years ago? I have to go into the branch apparently. Despite the first time getting past it and the call conviniently cutting off.
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