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  1. Hi DX What is the significance of a SAR letter? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all HSBC Mortgage Repayment Protector I recently submitted a PPI claim via Resolver to HSBC. I received a letter within the 8 week time frame to say that their 'completed searches found NO EVIDENCE to confirm Payment Protection Insurance was attached to any products held with HSBC'. I was surprised at this as I had given them as much detail as possible without being able to give them a policy number. Not satisfied, I called HSBC direct and started a new process giving them the same detail as I had listed in the Resolver claim. Within 3 weeks I received a letter saying I had taken out Mortgage Payment Protector and they supplied the policy number and the start date (30th May 2003). I now have the information I need to pursue a claim based on the fact at the time I took out the Mortgage Payment Protector I was self employed. I do not have a copy of the policy but understand certain policies were not suitable for the self employed - please can anyone confirm this and should I claim anyway? As a side note, the two letters I received from HSBC both have the same HSBC reference number. I wonder how many people they just fob off with a letter in this way.... Thanks in advance for any advice given. D
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