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  1. Okay i will go and download the form now , please from my case do i have enough strong points for the judge to consider? and how worse off can i be with the application?
  2. if it helps , the original ntk for the parking was on 02/10/2016 . please do i need a solicitor to complete the N244 form?
  3. You are right Dx the problem arose from me not updating my DVLA address on time. The Claimant are not PARKING EYE . I Have just found out that THE CLAIMANT IS - PARKING CONTROL MANAGEMENT and Gladstones Solicitors are acting on their behalf Date of Claim form ISSUE- 10/02/2017 CCJ ENTERED IN ABSENCE - 17/03/2017 Amount - £251 Date i found out about CCJ - 07/08/2017
  4. Yes you are right- It is a private parking ticket and the claimant solcitor is called Gladstone solicitors . I believe they are acting on behalf of parking eye
  5. i recently found out via a credit check that a CCJ was registered against me on the 17th of march this year . I moved out of the property couple of months before this time and i have also been away from the country from the 16th of May 2017 till August 5th 2017. i didn't have access to any of the post in the house so was unable to find out before traveling. I was also away in February for 3 weeks . I agree with the amount and i am contemplating making the payment once i found out however i wanted to be sure the claimant solicitors would be willing to agree to a consent signature for me before i make the payment. I didn't want paying the amount to affect any chances of the set aside application. I tried sending them an email to reach an agreement however They didn't respond to the email i sent to them about this and they told me they had passed the debt over to a company . They told me they are not willing to reply to any correspondence because it has been passed to the debt company and probably want it paid before they even give me any advice. I advised that i will be applying for a set aside and the person i spoke to said they will pick up on the correspondence once they get the application on their table . I have tenancy agreement showing i moved from the property although i havent changed my Car log book registered address, I was also away for few weeks in February and got back around the 10th of march shortly before this judgment was served. If it is helpful - I also had a serious court case with the crown court around this march which got me slightly depressed around this time although it was sorted out at the end. Please i am worried as i do not know what to do.. Should i pay the debt and hope the Claimant can agree to help me send a set aside application based on consent or should i just apply for the set aside application - If so do i have a chance? This is a sad situation because the CCJ is as a result of a parking fine and it is just 250£.
  6. Please can anybody advise how i can start a CCJ thread? i really need help but not sure how to post my story on here
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