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  1. Thank you Uncle, that's good to know in regards to credit scores. And I don't think i will be in a position to be able to afford to buy a property for a while, hopefully by then my debt would have become SB
  2. Ok thank you, that makes sense. I was wondering can any of this affect your credit score in Oz? I've always had a great score in the UK and would hope to build one up in Oz..
  3. Thank you honeybee13, that is very reassuring. I am sure all this great advice will help a lot more than just me
  4. Sorry one more question lol They have my current Oz address but we are in the process of moving to somewhere bigger to accommodate everybody, is it ok to give them an Australian PO box number for correspondences?
  5. I cant thank you enough uncle! You have been a great help x
  6. Thank you again Uncle. I have informed them im abroad as i was going to be away for a few months so now I just need to update them that I am remaining here permanently. May i ask with them being aware I am no longer in the UK, would this not speed them up to just forwarding the debt straight to an Australian company or court? Does a Australian company have the right to take me to court because of the previous clause stated? And with regards to limitations act, would it be better to stop paying anything now or is it better to try give them a token to avoid court all together? Sor
  7. Yes dx it does have clause no 2. 'The terms of the credit agreement are governed by English law and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts' I am very worried now...
  8. Thank you Andy. So it is very possible for them to take me to court over here? Sorry if it seems if im repeating myself, I just want to know possible outcomes to my situation.
  9. Thank you dx It sounds so simple... I guess it's the not knowing what comes next that can drive a person crazy. It is a lot of money:!:
  10. Thank you so much for your reply UncleBulgaria67 if my bank is fully aware of me residing in Oz and therefore unable to issue a ccj, they could still apply to the Australian courts to enforce repayment of my debt..? my story is that i owe around £25k to one particular bank, I also owe a few other debts to another bank and a store card but at a much lower amount. The £25k is made up from a £8k credit card and a personal unsecured loan that was paid off over 5yrs and then was topped up leaving now £17k. I have never missed payments until now. 3 months ago I
  11. Hi, I was wondering if this works the opposite way? If you owe a bank in the UK can you be issued a Court Claim in Australia for the debt? Sorry I'm very new to all this....i did see in my agreement in states 'The terms of the credit agreement are governed by English law and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts' Is this what it's referring too?
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