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  1. Just to update i am still suspended i have been paid minus a deduction for an apparent accident i was involved in. I have never been in an accident whilst at that company. I did however pick up a hire van that i now find is in my name.
  2. It wasn't a case of family members helping out it was a case of i barely got time with my partner and it was ok at the time as it suited them. I agreed to working a 12 hour shift on a sunday and permission was granted that my partner could accompany me. The plan was to get a meal and see some sights on the way back. Nothing was in writing it and it was a gentlemans agreement. Now that i cannot do the overtime it becomes an issue. Because i have put my family first after putting them second for 17 month. Ive become a thorn in there side. Im already looking for a new job and i have told t
  3. I might definately have the screenshots of the conversation or possibly not depending on if any cia agents are acting on behalf of the company.
  4. They asked me questions relating as to why i did not complete my run and also allegations have been made that i often bring my spouse with me on the job. This did happen once or twice last year on weekend overtime. They are specifically asking questions regarding me announcing that i can not do overtime 4 hours before shift. This was done via an email they set up for the depot that i had access too. Now they have blocked me from accessing. Im waiting on a reply from the operations manager to confirm these email exchanges. The manager who interviewed me seen these emails But seems to not
  5. I have been lending my hand to the company alot but its the 6 weeks holidays i work nights and i have kids to attend to. So my previous workload should not guarantee that permanently. Im currently 17 month into my ft contract, with the route im on its a guarantee you are getting overtime. Your last drop is 2.5 hours away from depot thats if the motorway network is running smooth. They have took on extra contracts that have us dropping on the way back in usually to busy town centers during opening hours. There is never notice for overtime its a case of overtime is almost a certain. Half
  6. Hi thanks for the reply. I do work in delivery through the night, my contract states i am to work 40 hours between 2 and 9.30. Additional hours maybe required when authorised and when business requires. Regards
  7. Hi all looking for abit of advice, i got suspended on wednesday for not being available for overtime. They are telling me i have agreed to doing reasonable amount of overtime. Yet they are not able to determine what a reasonable amount is. I informed them i could not do it before shift started. They still put me on a route that would force me into overtime. I turned around with 4 drops left to do. I then started getting pushed into finishing it which i declined. I then received emails with my contract and asking me again am i available for overtime. I replied with no and never got
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