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  1. wow lots pf great replys,thanks guys,i just like to point out that the defence I posted doesn't belong to me,and I havnt used it,i think its mr mustard , I was just showing it as an example of the direction these have been going it was a parking charge notice, I clicked on the extra link,but where do I go from there? sorry to be pita
  2. my wife parked the car in Colindale and I got a pcn from parking control management, addressed to me the registered keeper, I wanted to fight it but I think I'm way out of my depth , i was under the impression that because i was the registered keeper and not the driver I wouldn't be liable, i also read that i should ignore the letters and wait for it to go to court the 26/02/2017 PCN was issued 05/04/2017 i received a keeper liability letter, which states that under the protection of freedoms act 2012 schedule 4 states the registered keeper of the vehicle becomes liable,
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