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  1. Just got off the phone with their office.. . Gave my details and whatnot, explained the letter to the woman on the phone and apparently they "review" arrangements every 3 months (I don't recall anything like this before) to make sure my financial arrangements haven't changed. She confirmed that I'll continue to pay the £50 on Wednesday (my usual payment day) and that was that... Weird. Fingers crossed that's the end of that then.
  2. There hasn't been any improvement in fact, there's been a decline in my financial situation since making the original Income & Expenditure (which I have proof of) hence why it's a squeeze at the moment, although I do continue to pay as I said. Yes there is a vehicle but it's parked elsewhere, very much elsewhere. back when this began a bailiff showed at my door while I was out and left a notice with all their threatening language and whatnot (never actually spoke to any bailiff directly). Called up Jacobs and we made the payment arrangement after going through the whole Income
  3. Close to £2000 Payment is currently £50 every 14 days Not sure on bailiff fees, but since they've been out I assume they've tacked some on.
  4. I've had this arrangement for well over a year now , I had the bailiffs at my door at the beginning but they never entered and I never signed anything.
  5. I received a letter from Jacobs today regarding our current arrangement for council tax debt. I'm extremely frustrated, I have never missed a payment with them and even now our current arrangement is a bit of a squeeze, but I pay non the less. Letter dated Aug 2, 2017. I really cannot afford to pay anymore than our current arrangement, I'm obviously going to call them but, I'm not sure what to say/do I can't deal with Bailiffs at my house again, I was a mess last time.
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