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  1. My first post here, I think this is probably the best place for it. I witnessed a collision between a pedestrian and a bus around 18 months ago. I have now been contacted by investigators working for the solicitors for the pedestrian asking me to provide a witness statement in person. I gave a statement to the police at the time and subsequently in writing to the bus company, plus a brief response to the pedestrian's solicitors about a year later. I have no wish to be involved any further, and in particular I have no desire to help the pedestrian and his ambulance chasing solicitors given that the incident was entirely his fault. Am I under any obligation to agree to the request to give a statement, and if I refuse can I be compelled at a later date by a court to give evidence (the incident happened in Scotland but I live in England). The request was hand delivered, can I tell them not to visit my house again, and if they do is that considered harassment?
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