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  1. Considering what you have just said, I would imagine I have struck fear into everyone then, but the report the forensic investigator produced was in excess of 140 pages, so I suspected that was what they expected, especially while trying to clarify things with the ombudsman case worker. Perhaps adopting your approach to the CEO and maybe the ombudsman themselves might be more productive, but it is hard not to meander when you feel you have so much to say to prove your point. Thanks again for your efforts. You are a credit to this site, and to be truthful, it was your posts and the volume
  2. Many thanks again for your help. It is worth a try as I am not sure what else we can do. We have been relying on this payment coming through to get our heads above water again, and the feeling of despair is overwhelming. I feel we are loosing grip of everything we have built up because our business is in the doldrums at present. Selling high end British manufactured wood burning stoves in a time of cheap oil and gas and two mild winters isn't doing us any favours. ;-) I'll try the CEO route and see what happens. If you have any other suggestions or if anyone else has, I would appreciate g
  3. Thanks Unclebulgaria. We had completed the restoration within 6 months of buying the property, and we were most certainly living in the property. It had been featured in a self build magazine and should perhaps have been a Kevin McCloud property. We had gone to Iceland for a few days to return to storm Gertrude I think it was referred to. The policy was for buildings and contents and was to the best of my memory a "plus" policy meaning we were covered for all accidental damage as well as the usual perils. As I have said, both BVS eventually and the RSA senior investigator had accept
  4. This is going to be a very long drawn out case, unless someone can offer some element of hope for us. We completed renovations to a derelict property about 2 ½ years ago. Our porch needed a new roof which was done with a trocol membrane. In a storm back in January 2016 we returned from a trip to find a metal pole on the flat roof which had a covering of gravel. My immediate suspicion was that it was the remnants of an old tv aerial, but as it was only the pole, I have since found it to be referred to as the mast, not the aerial itself. This is important as it was referred to as an aerial
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