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  1. Sorry been visiting daughter who was taken into hospital. I did however manage to read most of the thread and others ones to do with Welcome. I found a sar template on the site and sent that off yesterday so guess it's a waiting game now with them having 40 days to respond
  2. Thats a good starting point. Do you know who I would send this to please. Would it be Prime Credit 5 who took over Welcome ? Thank you
  3. Hi Took out a Welcome Finance secured loan in November 2007 for £20k I have no defaults, pay £386.53 a month. My partner is about to be made redundant and was wondering about offering an early settlement figure. This is now under Prime Credit 5 since the demise of Welcome Finance. I know in my last statement in 2016 the remaining balance was £19719 it has been repaid in theory several times over with their extortionate charges. Is it worth pursuing early settlement for this with partner being made redundant? Thank you
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