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  1. All I have established is its apparently something to do with income tax, I have committed no offence, and can only construe their activity against me as a direct result of my legal complaint against them. Literally trying to find dirt on me, I have not done anything wrong criminally, HMRC owe me a lot of money in rebates they have never resolved dating back some 4 years now. I understand the MLR Regs and POCA Act. Unless they have causation for doing what ever they are doing it has no legal merit the only grounds they would have for contacting various companies and or banking institutions w
  2. many thanks for the reply It is not a criminal matter for them to investigate therefore would not be any kind of restricted process, I have not committed any kind of offense, nor have i been notified of it venturing into criminal territory i am sure due diligence would require them to notify the consumer. The MPs where i live are corrupt and useless, and the parliamentary ombudsman service I have used in the past have proved to be an utter waste of time, they are not impartial as they claim, and I would go as far as to state not fit for purpose, and a waste of public money. reading
  3. Would it be possible to clarify if HMRC or the DWP have contacted my bank using this the RIP ACT. If they have, would there be anything I could do to protect my rights legally. I have recently established HMRC appear to be investigating me. I have a complaint in with the HMRC adjudicator currently, it seems as a result of my complaints escalation they have taken this ridiculous attitude towards trying to find dirt on me. I have legal issues with hmrc. any help or advice much appreciated
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