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  1. Thanks dx. I thought you can't get a criminal record without them notifying you first - although the so called bounty hunters might just be the us thing. I'll let them know I'm changing the address. Thanks again
  2. Thank you. So the advice is to write to them (I could only find a general email via google), letting them know that I will be changing the address, even though I haven't heard from them yet (your previous advice was to wait to hear from them first). Thank you
  3. oh do They? I didnt know so Thank you. They said I'd get a letter within 2 weeks! I am moving home in 2 months. What happens when the letter arrives while I'm not living there anymore? Thank you
  4. Hi guys, Me again. so it has been well over a month since the incident and I STILL have not received a letter with intention to prosecute from Thameslink. I haven't received any letter in fact, and I am started to get really worried and probably a bit paranoid that it has gotten lost in the post etc. should I still wait for the letter to come? Or contact the train company? Thank you very much for your help Majka x
  5. Thank you honeybee - I am clearly a newbie here I have now followed your advice and started a new thread. Thanks again Kasia
  6. And Hello everyone, I have just registered on the Forum and this is my first post! I was hoping to pick your brains a little regarding a similar issue I have found myself in. I have travelled from St Pancras to St Albans on the Saturday just gone. My partner and I have stupidly used my bank card - thinking that St Albans was still covered by the London zone! It's a complete mistake on our part which I have admitted to the staff at St Albans station, and apologised. I have asked if it's an option for us to purchase a ticket now (hoping they would exercise the discretion) which they have not. In fact, the first officer said that I ought to pay the penalty of £25 which I thought was too much (given the standard penalty is £20). I have simply asked him to explain to me why it is more than £25 pounds. At the same time my partner was speaking to the second officer who said to him that he can pay the amount £11.80 now, and the rest he can appeal later. When I heard this, I asked "my" officer if I could pay the same to which he said no. I asked why that was the case but he just said that was up to him - essentially charging me more than my partner, and for the same offence. I though it was not fair, and refused to pay the £25. He automatically started filling in the MR 11 notice (the "witness statement"). I had no idea what that was, and asked if he could explain which he just said - this is a legal document. I asked if he could please confirm that he is indeed entitled to serve this to me - I asked for his employee reference number and to show me a badge with his picture on. He told me his employee number, and refused to show any documentation to support it and said that I would just have to believe him. At this point I said I would rather pay the £25 penalty fare (I did not understand the MR11 but it sounded scary), but "my" office said that it was too late. I suspect I will be receiving the notice to prosecute very soon. My question is whether I should wait for it to arrive, or should I contact the Prosecutions department now, before the notice arrives. I never not wanted to pay the penalty fare, I just wanted to be treated in the same way my partner was - i.e. pay £11.80 penalty fare rather than £25. I still want to pay for the journey I made/penalty fare, but I can't do that via Thameslink Customer Department (because Penalty Fares Department is independent to GTR). I would be grateful for your thoughts, Many thanks in Advance Majka13
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