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  1. Can I ask why do I have to ask Halifax what charges were added ? Should I get advice as in CAB , Step Change etc Thanks again
  2. Thank you for the replies I am sure the debt is 2-3 years old, I am still at the same address as when I took out the overdraft . I was hounded with phone calls and letters from Capquest and then only last week it was Arrows and now Shoosmiths. The letter from yesterday says that " if you cannot agree in the next 14 days to repay the outstanding balance with Arrow Global we will issue court proceedings against you for the full sum together with legal costs " Thank you
  3. Hi anyone out there, so glad I found this forum. I had an overdraft about 3 years ago with Halifax for £1500 I have had numerous letters from Capquest which I ignored and then last week Arrow Global . This morning I received a letter from Shoosmiths threatening court action and I am now very worried. As much help would be appreciated. Thanks
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