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  1. And me, let's all sit tight and feel free to private message me if needed. If you look at the directors of SSS they have had their fingers in a number of pies and I actually found a report from the DVLA about their findings when auditing SSS. Just confirms what a con this whole private parking business is.
  2. I am not blind or panicking so please have a bit of respect. Trouble with the forum is it is full of posts from folk chucking out jargon and sarcasism. I posted on this forum because whether it is real or not the threats are intimidating and I wanted some support/advice to reassure myself. So, in conclusion can you confirm that the general advise is to ignore a letter from the Hassalling WH titled FORMAL LETTER OF CLAIM. Yes, it is full of if, buts and maybes but I don't have the ZZPS letters to hand to compare addresses.
  3. Hi ericsbrother. Been looking into SSS, where did you find that they had been wound up? Also, being a bit of a newbie, how did zzps get invited to the party with their mate Wright Hassall?
  4. Dx100uk, it's fine quoting quotes and talking about waving male parts but I still fell unhinged by these letters. There must be some reason why the PCNs have reared their ugly heads again after a long silence and what lies beneath it all. I am not stupid, I can see the difference between might and will but the bottom line is that it is intimidating.
  5. I got one today, seems it is an admin week. To be honest it is starting to wear me down, I come home from work anxious that another letter will be waiting. My trail of events is exactly the same, same companies, I assume SSS sold the data to ZZPS this year.
  6. Yes, I know that, but it is extremely intimidating keep receiving them and actually makes me cross that they are allowed to behave in such a manner! I keep reminding myself that I did appeal to SSS and received no response.
  7. dear all I have read this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?440374-Capital2coast-PCN-Lewes-Clamform-received&p=5045522#post5045522 with interest as I am still lumbering on with so called debts from Sussex Security Solutions Ltd who issued PCN at Eastgate Wharf, Lewes in August 2016. Sussex Security Solutions Ltd being owned by the same dodgy dealer as One Parking Ltd (trading as Capital 2 Coast). Having appealed as standard to SSS I heard absolutely nothing, not even a letter to confirm my appeal had not been agreed. Then foll
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