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  1. Right so 2 weeks has passed and still no claim form and now lowell are not even ringing me anymore think this is good news will keep all updated
  2. Very true i just get carried away in my head Good news is still no claimform letter to my mums or my house and there is no other letter about another offer. Just a quick one i know someone mentioned before about them sending it to an old address, if i have been receiving all the letters to my mums would they sneaky send just the claimform to another address Best Regards JBS
  3. i got another letter Thursday saying the deal has now been extended to the 13th of August for the 40% discount fingers crossed no CCJ so far
  4. That it was mate, thats a good point ill call there bluff wait till after the 30th see if i hear anything Thanks
  5. Okay ill wait it out keep getting the old dear to check the post, if i hear anything i will be sure to be in contact with you guys Thanks very much for the advice Also i dont know if this helps but my phone contract was signed with phones4u who went into liquidation few years ago so will they still be able to get a copy of my contract? i suppose orange would have a copy
  6. Right okay i get ya Thats what i was thinking but just dont want the Claim to come through and have to pay more xD but its the risk you take i suppose Thank you dude Also does paying Lowell Help my credit rating in anyway
  7. Hi Dx Thanks for the response bud, i did notice alot of posts about lowell I did think this why would they offer me a discount fi they are going to take me to court I do still live at the address in a way (its my mothers) i go round there once a week so can always check post, Whats a backdoor CCJ? sorry if i sound stupid Best Regards Sam
  8. Hi Everyone right here is my story, i took out a mobile phone contract with orange about 3 years or more ago now im not going to lie 3 years ago i was a little bugger and thats just say i took the contract out not for the contract and never paid a PENNY so i do owe orange the money, lowell have been sending me letters for years but have only recently threatened court action The thing is a week letter i receive this letter for a discounted offer, does this mean they have no evidence if they are offering me 40% discount, it does say if i dont pay this by the 30th the
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