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  1. The mobile number is what is provided on the letter and it says to call that number to arrange another date for them to come and read the meter or a warrant will be applied for.
  2. Sort of weird that they would do that without my permission or knowledge.. but I'll try that as well, I guess. And thank you.
  3. Hi, on the 17/07 apparently a meter reader attended my home address to read the meter, as no one was at home, they were unable to do so. As such, they pushed a leaflet type letter without any packaging through the mailbox informing me about this. On there, it says that the letter is on behalf of Utility Warehouse (a company I never heard of before this) and it says to contact a mobile number which is always either switched off or is busy. There is no time frame or anything as to when I can call, such as Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 or anything. There is no
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