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  1. hi thanks for getting in touch ive found the paperwork out what i recieved from them when i started...ive not sent LBA as yet but they have recieved some more copies of my invoices and a copy of my email stating that they had 7 days to pay. Last week i got an email back from the route manager including an invoice from themselves saying that i owe them £180...£30 for collecting their van from my premises and £150 for 5 men to finish my route off there was only 8-12 parcels left on my van to deliver lol:roll: and he told me to take a look at my 'conditions of work' when i started which ill put a copy on here...best thing is i never charged them for that day as it states in their conditions...just the previous worked days. Just thinking now wether to charge them too for my time on my days off to go pick one of their vehicles up ready for my working day the next day... i had to do that 4 times whilst i worked for them.
  2. Hi i was delivering 140 parcels per day expected to. And up to press ive recieved nothing at all from this company payment or correspondence?
  3. I will take a copy of the contract and post it on here for you to have a look at. And it was £74 a day the rate but if anybody took any parcels from you on your route if you was struggling they took £10 off your daily wage and if you got a concession they took £20 off your wage for each concession you got i.e if parcel was instructed to be left in greenhouse and you posted it in letterbox and customer phoned up complaining that was a concession. but looking through not a contract but 'Conditions of work' they called it. That is all i have what was signed what i can remember.....They provided the van and the fuel and Amazon provided the hand held on the day of work. On the first sunday of work i got a concession so took £20 off my wage so ended up with £54 then the other days what they call a floater came round mid day and took some parcels from myself and they took £10 off my wage and did not know this. All workers also have to pay the company accounts dept £10 a week and they generate the invoice on your behalf and you dont know what you are getting until they send you the invoic e each month, but been self employed i should have sent them the invoice myself??? Something really not right about this company. Ive sent them an email last night one to payroll and one to the women who set me on, just stating that i want the monies owed within 7 days plus interest which in total is £422.99. Then told them that if no payment is recieved within 7 days i will then forward a LBA then i will go to court if needs be to get my money owed.
  4. Hi thanks for getting back in touch and they got all their parcels back an hour later as i met up with another worker who finished delivering them....when they did not pay me on the date it should have gone in i rang payroll and the lady was very arrogant on the phone and says i will not be paid as i did not finish delivering the parcels that day and that i went home with the van and they had to pick the van up the following day so i will not get paid for any work i did at all for the company. But its monies im owed for the work so im going to chase it.
  5. Hi hope someone can help me here please.....I was a self employed courier driver for a local company in May 2017. I worked 7 full days for the company and i got an invoice for 4 days work which i should have been paid on 15th June but because i left on the 8th day with 8 parcels left and they had to pick their van up from my premises they have refused to pay me for any days work that i did prior. And ive looked through contract and it does not state anything at all on that. Could i send a LBA to the company requesting full 7 days payment what they owe and can i charge interest????If so where can i find a LBA template please or what steps do i take.... Thank you.
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