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  1. Okay. Here are the details. I had to take out any names and put the “XXXXX” . Thank you in advance for your assistance. A brief Background of the hearing: On the morning of the trial, the Defendant`s barrister submitted a 9 pages skeleton argument, and I submitted a 4 pages letter to the court. At 11:00am, both parties entered the courtroom. The judge was busy read some documents. The judge then asked both parties to wait outside court whilst he finished reading the documents. It was abundantly clear that the judge did not give himself the necessary tim
  2. Soon, I will be giving quite a lot of my case details and information. Thank you for removing and creating my own thread. This is my first time to get involved in using “FORUMS”, and it looks like it will take me some time to get the hang of things! Once I have submitted and served the form (N164) for my permission to appeal, I will be giving quite a lot of my case details. I am sure some or all of the participants will get involved, because the defendant in this case is a well-known multibillion company.
  3. Clearly, this point on its own would not get me anywhere, but if it were to be added to other points which would shows that there were other irregularity as to how the judge conducted that hearing. Simply, it would add some weights to my argument for permission to appeal. I do except that the judge should not act at the hearing as an advocate for the litigate in person, also it must be excepted that it is a part of the judge`s duty to be on the lookout for points, which the litigate in person may be entitled to raise or to be correct it. After all, the judge has a duty to both sides to b
  4. Sorry, this is my first time to use form. Yes, I hope they will move it to its thread. No, I did not ask for permission to appeal but I am thinking to sent a letter/application with reasons for seeking permission to appeal.
  5. Hello, Yesterday, 19/02/2017, at 12:00pm, at Kingston County Court hearing, I (the Claimant, litigants in person) sworn in and as I started to give my evidence-in-chief. Suddenly, the defendant`s barrister told the judge that their witness has get a 4:00pm flight and has to leave the court at 2:30pm. Politely, I suggested to the judge if he wants to hear the defendant`s witness first. The judge agreed and the witness then sworn in and gave evidence. Please, can you tell me if such action is legal? Was there an irregularity of the judge conduct?
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