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  1. first off im sorry if this has been answered somewhere i did search thoroughly through the forum threads but i couldn't find this particular situation... after being laid off in January i used most of my redundancy money to pay off existing bills and such and eventually left me with £0.02 in my account and thinking everything's sorted, i didnt look at my account for a while and when i went back it was a whopping £-160 and what had started as a £15 charge for a returned direct debit has now just racked up charges for being overdrawn and i didnt think they were allowed to make money off their own charges? i rang up nationwide and after some shpeel they said there was nothing they can do. i managed to get a tax rebate which just managed to fix the problem and Lowe and behold the charges kept coming now i'm back at square one and its only going to get worse, this has been going on since march, now ill admit im not the best with money but after starting a voluntary apprenticeship where i dont make much money if any im running out of ways to fix the problem, help!
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